Pedicure is a modern method of care, which is a special, safe and gentle method for the care of our feet and nails on his feet. This type pedicure enough to be effective in combating all sorts of problems, such as blisters, cracks on the legs, врастаниями and thickening of the nail. Done this procedure completely without water, which not only provides such important issues as the hygiene and safety, but a more thorough treatment of the foot skin. Foot baths in the pedicure is performed not in use, their place was occupied with emollients, special lotions and creams, which make it very carefully handle every crevice or corn, and even cure the common fungal infections of the nails.
Инновационный метод педикюра1
In many regions of Moscow and including Mitino pedicure make the nail services. Before the procedure, in the salons is necessary to choose a professional tool, which should solve the problems of each individual visitor. For a more thorough treatment of feet and nail plates are used grinding nozzles of different sizes, of different types, it allows to achieve the best results.

The most important difference of apparatus pedicure manicure that focuses not only nail and cuticle, but rough skin on the feet. Also with the help of professional cosmetics resolve the humidity feet.
Инновационный метод педикюра1
Of course, unlike manicure, our pedicure is not visible to the surrounding people, especially in winter. But this does not mean that making it stands only for wearing open shoes. Because this procedure is and hygienic character, helps to prevent many diseases of the feet and nails, gives them the beauty and well-groomed appearance.

Article publication date: October 28, 2013

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