India has always been famous for its teas and spices, essential oils and spices. Indians are successfully used all in cosmetology and medicine, using the heritage and traditions of their ancestors. Ayurveda is a science, dedicated to health, beauty and longevity of their relationship. So in India, for many centuries, apply makeup, which makes the body, not only beautiful, but also healthy. To date, scientists have not been able to solve all the secrets of Ayurveda cosmetics, but are proved its unique properties. Used herbs, extracts and oils not only affect the skin, but can also remove toxins, clean it, saturate oxygen and vital energy.
Традиции предков в современной косметологии Индии3
Only several decades ago, India has opened up its secrets curative and cosmetic recipes for global services. Indian cosmetics features the complete lack of chemistry in its composition and the presence of herbs, minerals. It is the main competitor on the market of cosmetics for famous brands with world name. Using the knowledge of the science of Ayurveda, beauty India company, produce natural shampoos, nourishing and moisturizing masks for skin, hair balms, natural cream and serum for face, gels and lotions. All this cosmetic products Biotique Botanicals contains only natural herbs and oils that are grown and manufactured in natural conditions.

Therefore, women who once tried cosmetics from India, never give it up. Indian Diamond company produces creams and masks are used: diamond dust, walnut, turmeric, rose, lemon oil, olives, cucumber, almonds, vegetables and fruits. Basic plant in production of masks is it that allows you to quickly get the desired rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. In ancient times it was called «the village pharmacy», is now one of the wonders of India with unique pharmaceutical and protective properties. Discount – powders for masks. Them, as necessary, dilute with water, yogurt, juice and receive a full face mask or hair.
Традиции предков в современной косметологии Индии1
Mask of the cosmetic line «D Alpana» based on volcanic mud and clay, to which is added to the juice and extract of Indian plants and herbs. Here differs hair oil, containing extracts of herbs soothing and therapeutic effect. It was used by ancient Indian monks.

God Brahma says: «To maintain the Beauty of the earth grows certain herbs. Use them to save the youth.» Using Indian cosmetics, we can see that using natural remedies you can preserve your health and beauty.

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