This precious gemstone red, orange or yellow color with different inclusions well known in Mineralogy, jewelry, folk medicine. As its name implies, carnelian pleasing and comforting look.
Numerous healing, health, and even magical properties cornelian provided the mineral preference of many people belonging to different epochs and activities. Loved and worn at itself jewels with this stone Pushkin, Tsvetaeva, Cleopatra, Tamerlane and other great personalities.
И рдеет скромно сердолик2
The benefits that bears carnelian

Carnelian called the stone of heroes, and not in vain – he gives his master courage and determination, promotes good luck in business. It is noticed that the holder of the decoration of this mineral act without delay, he is not afraid of any obstacles and delays. This stone of the ancient Egyptian goddess ISIS, the patroness of the family and magic brings genuine comfort in love, contributes to the development of sympathy and affection. Save it and spell caused by black magic. Bearing carnelian will never fall into the abyss of depravity, will preserve the purity and honour relations.
И рдеет скромно сердолик3
From a medical point of view carnelian has many useful features. It protects from fever and gastrointestinal diseases, is able to stop the bleeding and make teeth strong, helps to improve eyesight. Another remarkable property of orange stone – prevention of diseases caused by nerves. A person with psychological problems, find them a speedy and proper.
Carnelian stone poets and romantics, mascot and charm. With his help, the doctor diseases of the body and the soul. But it is also extremely beautiful luminous stone, because, according to legend, it is a particle of the sun.

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