ботильоны с шипамиThe laws of attraction are evolving every year. What once caused a public outcry, is becoming a mass trend, which take a Bang and comprehensively develop. Ankle boots with spikes once could be considered as a good practice is that the image of hardened rockers who wear leather jackets and click on the abundance of metal fittings. Today these shoes is a big trend, which is not necessary to accept and to adapt to their way, but impossible to ignore.

Ankle boots with spikes in the new fashion is an opportunity to demonstrate the courage of his style, to emphasize the individual taste and, of course, a way to distinguish themselves as a particular subculture.


Fashion with a sense of proportion

Despite ample opportunity to emphasize your style using flashy accessories, uncomfortable and controversial fashion commandment less is more (“less is more”) continues to work regardless of style. Shoes with spikes visible, it attracts attention, therefore, will pay to you the opinions of others. But even the original interpretation shoes require measures and caution in the degree of expressiveness. Surely you don’t want your feet looked like leather-metal irons. It’s not just ugly, but also impact on the gait, and on the perception of the image.

  • So your new boots not crossed the borders of vulgarity and stressed your impeccable taste, keep balance in the volume of thorns and their relation to the colour of shoes, heel height and platforms.
  • If you choose ankle boots with lacing and high heels, let the spikes will be only on the back of the shoes.
  • For fans of minimalist style, eager to try on the boots with spikes, it is possible to recommend the model on a flat course with a small heel, evenly dotted with rare rounded spines.
  • Ankle boots in men’s style, more like army boots with belts – give up the heel and platform, giving preference to the rounded shape of the toe.


Form of thorns – the importance of size

Different ankle boots can have the same amount of metal spikes, but do not look identical. It depends not only on the design of the shoes, but also on the shape and color of thorns. They can be small rounded carnations that dot the block occasional splashes in smooth skin, pyramids with four faces, mostly impressive size, thin needle elements closer to the generally accepted way of thorns. In some ankle boots can be combined various kinds of thorns, which should be in harmony with your way. If your boots adorned with a large number of thorns, refrain from the abundance of metallic accessories in other parts in the bag, jacket, headgear.


Styles of boots with spikes

Ankle boots with occasional spikes of leather classic restrained colors (black, brown, grey) – the safest option for those who want to experience this style, but not decided on a more daring metal interpretation. Such boots on small-heeled shoes can be worn in everyday life with skinny jeans, full length, with skirts-Maxi-shirts in a cage or classic white shirts, and Longsleeves and suitsetama with animal prints.

Fans of authentic style should evaluate cowboy boots with spikes. Usually designers decorate this Shoe spikes very delicately to the abundance of metal does not destroy the original focus of shoes this style. Spikes can be decorated ankle, heel, or pad in front closer to the heel. Combine these boots can direct jeans and jeans-boyfriend. Perfectly combined like ankle boots with low heels with shorts, dresses up to the knee or below. This is a sure and easy way to create a relaxed style for everyday life.

Colored boots with spikes have a more informal form, so require care in combinations. If in addition to the spikes you chose the lacing and bright color of boots, for example, red, purple, green, be ready to create a minimalistic designed in a single style combinations in clothes that will not argue with catchy shoes.

Any boots with spikes are self-sufficient shoes, accessory that fits in order for him to notice. If you want to support him in his dress, choose delicate support, for example, jacket, leather jacket, in a classic style or a handbag with geometric chain. To create a single image will help top, echoing in the colors with ankle boots. Trousers or a skirt in a pair of these boots should be a contrasting colour, not to merge with them. Avoid cropped jeans and trousers, revealing the ankle.

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