антивозрастные кремыAt all times the girls dreamed extend fleeting youth and preserve its beauty. Magic tool that will allow the woman to remain always young and beautiful, has not yet been found, but modern anti-aging creams help to look for years or even decades younger. The secret of these tools, and how to choose the cream from wrinkles?


Youth for a long time

The duration of human life is constantly increasing. Some two hundred and forty years ago people were considered to be very old men – examples can easily be found in classical literature. And today, in 30-40 years, many only think about creating a family and having children. And of course, no modern woman would not agree to consider themselves in this age-old woman.

People not only live longer, but also look better. Quality of life is improved, and thus, more time and opportunity to care for themselves. Plastic surgery and procedures in the hospital allow you to look young even in old age. But no less, and even more important everyday skin care. Creams and serums, masks and lotions to improve the condition of the epidermis and postpone the onset of old age.


Age and care

Firm and smooth young skin attach to collagen and elastin. With age, production of these substances in the body decreases, and the skin inevitably loses its firmness and elasticity. Changed her relief, wrinkles, enlarged and become more visible pores.

First signs of aging appear on the thin and delicate skin in the eye area. The skin is always dry, and therefore most vulnerable – allocation of sebaceous glands help to maintain skin hydration and prolong youth. First wrinkles subtle, but then they become deeper and deeper. Anti-age treatment is most effective in the early stages of aging, therefore, already at the age of thirty years should begin to use special creams prolong youth. And to begin to care about the hydration of the epidermis is necessary, before the appearance of the first signs of skin aging.

The better hydrated your skin, the later it will appear wrinkles, so moisturizing creams should be used even in his youth.

On the packaging of modern means of wrinkles is usually specified age, for which these funds are intended. These creams take into account the needs of the skin and are designed to solve the problems associated with these or other age-related changes. But in this case is not about the passport, and actual age, which depends not so much on the calendar, but on heredity and lifestyle.

Should not be to prevent to use tools that are designed for older children. The fact that in course of time getting used to the active ingredients of the cream, and the tool becomes less effective. Before applying the cream it makes sense to consult with your beautician, who can evaluate the condition of the skin and, depending on its individual needs to recommend a particular tool.


Main ingredients

Anti-aging creams are different from normal moisturizers greater efficiency, which is caused by the presence in the composition of these creams active substances. Such substances include:

  • The antioxidants. One of the main causes of aging skin – unstable oxygen molecules, called free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize the negative effects of free radicals on the skin and, consequently, slow down the aging process of cells. The most famous antioxidants, which are used in cosmetology include vitamins A, C and E, and their derivatives, for example, tretinoin and retinol. In the composition of anti-aging tools of the new generation often it is idebenone;
  • Coenzyme Q10. This enzyme, which is an antioxidant and, in addition, increases the antioxidant activity of vitamin E. With age, the content of coenzyme Q10 in the skin is reduced and skin aging. Anti-aging creams make up for the deficiency of the enzyme in the epidermis;
  • Synthetic proteins, collagen and elastin. It is assumed that these substances should compensate for the reduced production of collagen and elastin in the skin. But many beauticians believe that due to the large size of the molecules of collagen and elastin can not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and consequently, to improve its condition;
  • Hydroxy acid (Aha (fruit acids). Acid exfoliates dead skin cells, return a healthy hue, add Shine to the skin. The principle of their action is the same as in chemical peeling, but the concentration of acid in anti-aging creams is much less. However, be aware that creams with acids increase skin sensitivity to UV light, therefore, their use should not be neglected sunscreen;
  • Sunscreens. It is proven that UV rays provoke the skin aging. Absolutely all quality anti-aging creams for daytime use contain sunscreen agents. The lighter the skin, the higher should be the protection factor. However, beauticians recommend to all owners of Mature skin use creams with a protection factor of at least 20-25;
  • Sirtuins as well. These substances will prolong the life of cells, i.e. slow down their aging. The action of sirtuins in skin cells, scientists continue to study, but their rejuvenating effect has already been proven. Extracts of red wine or Myrtle stimulate the production of sirtuins directly to the skin;
  • Phytohormones. Hormone-like substances of plant origin rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production and retain moisture in the epidermis;
  • The peptides. Peptides perform transport functions, that is, to deliver the active components of creams in the deeper layers of the skin. In addition, these substances generally improve the skin condition and its level of hydration;
  • Nanoneedle, liposomes. The nanoparticles act as peptides is easily penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, they carry are contained in the cream components and there slowly release them, extending the effect of the cream.

Maria Bykova

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