антицеллюлитные средстваAlthough doctors say that cellulite is not a disease, but a completely normal, most girls dream of this defect to get rid of. Smooth and supple skin always looks better than a rough and loose, so anti-cellulite funds from a store or made yourself, every day only become more popular.


Is there a cellulite

In medicine the term “cellulite” is called inflammation of subcutaneous fat is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which causes severe pain and can be cured only by surgery. In everyday life cellulite are referred to as structural changes in the fat layer, which result in cosmetic defects. The skin at the site of the lesion becomes loose, rough, swollen, reminiscent of orange peel.

Causes of cellulite are many, and they all has not been well studied. Disease (although cellulite and cannot be called a disease in the true sense of the word) is very common.

Suffer from cellulite, mainly women, because disrupting the structure of the subcutaneous fat are hormonal in nature.

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not necessarily accompanied by excess weight, while overweight women complain about this problem more often. In order to get rid of cellulite, lose weight often is not enough: an uneven terrain remains and after weight goes.


An integrated approach

Get rid of cellulite can be very, very difficult. And yet it is possible if to attack on this defect “on all fronts”. The first thing doctors recommend to change the diet. To get rid of swelling in the affected cellulite areas, it is recommended to drink lots of water and eat foods rich in potassium (mainly vegetables and fruits). The amount of salt in the diet it should be restricted. You should also eat more foods rich in fiber to cleanse the body. It will be useful to a vegetarian diet with a strict limit sugar, salt and alcohol.

Great importance of physical exercise. Changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue cellulitis accompanied by circulatory disorders.

The easiest way to restore circulation is a sport. The load must be moderate, but regular. To get rid of cellulite, the more useful a couple of hours to walk unhurried pace every day, once a week for half an hour to devote to running.

Very useful for cellulite and massage. During the procedure improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, skin elasticity, and structure of adipose tissue improves. Types of anti-cellulite massage, there are many manual and hardware, using a spoon and using jars, honey and oil, warming and cooling. But the most important thing in any massage is, of course, the regularity. After the first session, the cellulite will not disappear, but if you have a course of massage, the result will be.

Creams and wraps help to work on cellulite locally. Absorbed through the skin, the active substance act directly on the subcutaneous fat layer, reducing its. Applying creams usually accompanied by massage, sometimes quite energetic, which also helps in the fight against the “orange peel”.

It is important to remember that you cannot choose from the whole complex of measures cellulite some one and be limited by it. No diet, no exercise, no miracle creams or even massage alone can help to get rid of cellulite. Need it is a complex effect.


Home treatments

After studying the proposals of the salons may be under the impression that the fight against cellulite is available only to those who may not hesitate to spend on it tidy sum. Of course, salon treatments are often very effective, but home remedies can be no worse. Special anti-cellulite cocktails can be successfully replaced with fresh juices, a prestigious Wellness-fitness equipment – free walk on rough terrain, and the massage is easy to learn independently. As for expensive creams and wraps, it is enough to understand the principle of their action, to arrange a similar procedure, without leaving home.

For example, an anti-cellulite tools almost always include caffeine. It tones the skin and is beneficial to the state of the subcutaneous fat. The good news: in normal ground coffee caffeine, no less than in a beautiful bubble cellulite funds from well-known firms. Accordingly, daily scrubs from coffee grounds for problem areas will be a wonderful alternative to the use of ready-made tools.

To prepare this scrub is very simple. Coffee grounds should be applied to wet skin vigorous massage movements. Preferably, at least a few minutes to massage problem areas, and then rinse coffee with cool water and apply skin cream.

Note that regular scrubs with coffee grounds can slightly stain the skin in a pleasant shade of beige.

Part of anti-cellulite preparations often include essential oils of citrus, juniper or geranium. Orange, lemon or grapefruit oil are quite inexpensive, but to ensure that the skin became smooth and elastic, it is quite usually only a few drops. You just need to add oil to the body cream and RUB it into the problem areas.

The citrus oils will strengthen the effect of the massage. For example, you can add a drop of lemon oil to honey, then RUB the mixture into the skin. Now you need to do the hand clap movement, sharply, taking his hands from the skin. The procedure is not too pleasant, but honey massage works wonders if you do it regularly, cellulite will not be over.

Maria Bykova

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