сурьма для глазAntimony to the eye has long been used by the beauties of the East to darken the eyelids and coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. They were especially important to emphasize the expressiveness of view, because only the eyes can see men, everything else was hidden under a blanket. Beauty by using antimony was applied daily or intense makeup, emphasizing the charm of the eyes and used her for healing of the eye or as a preventive measure.


What is antimony

что такое сурьма для глазAntimony is a colorant of natural origin. The name antimony has Turkish roots, but this tool has long enjoyed the beauty in different countries. Produced antimony in different ways. Greeks used antimony from minerals. In India the juice of a special cactus soaked cloth, then the cloth burned, getting powder. In Africa, antimony produced from the sulphide of lead is extremely harmful and toxic substances that can gradually poison the body.

In the East antimony was mined from ismid (the black stone), which was ground up into powder. In the modern world there are many kinds of antimony, including the sulphide of lead, so you need to check the ingredients before buying, so as not to harm your health.


Varieties of antimony

Today, there are a huge selection of antimony:

  • Powdered antimony. Perhaps the most popular form of antimony. Use even at bedtime to improve vision, strengthen lashes and eyebrows and their growth. Even Eastern male use of antimony in powder to eliminate redness of the eyes and relieve fatigue. Use the product daily, especially because of the lashes in this case gradually become darker. The powder texture is very easy to use, you can draw arrows or make smoky makeup. Suitable powder for coloring eyebrows. With regular use creates the effect of light makeup due to the fact that the eyelashes will gradually become darker;
  • Antimony for the eyes, mixed with Basma and almond oil. It is used to saturated makeup, almond oil cares for the skin of the eyelids, and Basma gradually colors the eyelashes;
  • Antimony – pencil with olive oil. Using a pencil, you can get a clear eyeliner with the effect of hydrated eyes. Effectively apply before bedtime for the recovery of the eye;
  • Antimony with camphor. Can be used for both eyeliner and eye treatment, smoothes fine lines around the eyes, has a good effect on vision;
  • Children antimony powder. For children there is thoroughly crushed antimony, is rather similar to the pollen without the use of any additional components.

нанесения сурьмы на глазаAntimony can be different colors depending on additives: graphite, coal-black, purple, blue, green and different shades of grey. If you add UCIMU (the plant that affect the growth of hair), the antimony has an excellent effect on the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

On hot days it is better to use antimony, having the composition of fatty bases to avoid spreading. Powdered antimony in this case will be the best choice.

At the time of applying antimony can feel a slight pleasant tingling. It’s perfectly natural and even useful, as it facilitates the cleaning of the tear ducts.


How to use the antimony for the eyes

как пользоваться сурьмой для глазOriginally antimony was used only to protect the eyes from various diseases, and only then as a cosmetic. Scientifically proven property of antimony to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. In Eastern cultures antimony is applied from infancy to strengthen the fundus of the child and protection from the evil eye.

Applied antimony, if it is not in the pencil, only with a wooden stick (you can even use a toothpick). There is a special vessel made of wood (“Kohle”), which is usually attached wand, but it is rare to find on sale. Therefore, we can use any stick of wood, a bit dull the sharp end.

To start with the wand it is necessary to carry out the procedure of preparation, plunging the tip in any vegetable oil for two or three days, then just wipe away the excess oil. The stick should be lowered in the eyes, shake to prevent shedding powder on his cheeks. Further, it is possible to use antimony as usual eyeliner. With sticks you can draw any of the arrow buttons if necessary to blend.

как наносить сурьму на глазаFor eyebrow correction antimony is used as an ordinary pencil. The stick should be held between the hairs and comb eyebrow brush.

How to apply antimony to the eyes? Use cases this means a lot, you can at least daily to do a new makeover. To obtain Eastern makeup antimony is applied along the line of growth of the upper eyelashes. For the less flashy makeup antimony is applied to the lower eyelid over the lashes. Generally antimony best way to experiment with makeup. The eyeliner antimony can be of different colors and intensity. To obtain a clear line-stick coating can be wet with water.

Antimony is easily washed off any beauty tool make-up remover. Oriental beauty is used in this case is a favorite vegetable oil (olive, coconut, peach).

For the recovery of the eye is sufficient to cause the antimony before bed on the lower eyelid, and blink a few times. Wash it is not necessary. It is believed that the wand after use, wash the can, it is being changed once a year.


The advantages of antimony

Modern cosmetics are not harmful to the eyes, but the benefits they bring. Another thing – antimony: she’s not just beautiful, but also very useful. This tool has many advantages over conventional cosmetics:

  • Health effects of antimony, relieve eye fatigue;
  • The high quality antimony (excluding lead sulfide) is absolutely safe in use and can be used even by children from two months;
  • This tool is inexpensive;
  • Durability (antimony has no expiration date);
  • Ease of use, ease and diversity of use;
  • Absence of allergic reactions;
  • Resistance to tears and precipitation.

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