аппаратная косметологияFor hardware cosmetology include a variety of cosmetic procedures that involve special equipment. The essence of these procedures is that the physical effects on the body’s tissues, which in turn has both humoral and physico-chemical effect on separate layers of connective tissues and the organism as a whole. The variety of physiotherapeutic equipment allows to vary the characteristics of the impact depending on the location of the treated area, presence of blood vessels in the grid and so on. Apparatus cosmetology allows to achieve high results, which, as a rule, is retained for a long time.


Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage as a kind of reflex therapy is widely used for the treatment of cellulite. In the salons of vacuum massage is performed with the help of special devices. Modern models allow us to combine procedures drainage, reflexology and vacuum massage. The specialist regulates the massage nozzles in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. Hardware vacuum massage is a highly effective anti-cellulite treatment, absolutely safe and painless. This massage is aimed at strengthening the skin and muscle, weight loss and correction of problem zones.

Only one session hardware massage allows to achieve the effect, which is possible only after seven procedures traditional manual massage. Modern technologies allow to carry out simultaneously lymphatic drainage and stimulation of lymph nodes. Vacuum massage increases circulation, stimulates the metabolism and improves microcirculation in the tissues. This procedure removes puffiness, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, helps to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body. Massage apparatus is often recommended for patients suffering from hair loss.

Among the mass of useful properties of the hardware of massage, you should also highlight its ability to stimulate the production of collagen, which in turn is very positive effect on the skin condition and complexion. Vacuum facial massage helps to smooth small wrinkles and lightly tighten the skin.


Ultrasonic cosmetology and peeling

Ultrasound cleans sebaceous glands, removes the comedones and reduces the sebum. Ultrasound peeling removes dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and beautiful. Cosmetic procedures for face with the use of ultrasound is absolutely painless, and unlike traditional peeling, does not cause skin irritation. Ultrasound great care of your skin, not harm her and protects from getting infections. Mikrovibratsii ultrasound perform the secondary role of micro-massage.


Ultrasound peeling

Penetrating into tiny wrinkles and skin pores, ultrasonic waves have a hyperthermic and vibromachine effects. Ultrasound peeling shown when acne, there camedon, to reduce sebum secretion and remove skin impurities. A very important advantage of such peeling is its safety and respect for the skin. During the procedure, is removed only the top layer of dead skin cells and healthy cells are not damaged. Peeling ultrasound promotes regeneration of skin cells, stimulates metabolism, oxygenates the skin, increases its immunity. After this procedure, your skin will look just amazing, and that is important, ultrasound increases the production colleague and elastin.



This type of ultrasound procedures is used for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Ultrasonic waves contribute to a deeper penetration of active ingredients into the skin cells, which stimulates the skin saturation with moisture, eliminate fine lines and strengthen connective tissue.


Ionization skin

Procedures ionization combines the use of therapeutic drugs and electrical then low power. Perfect flow of current is generated by a certain difference of potentials. Electricity significantly increases the effect of the drug, allowing the active compound «cut» through the layer of dead skin cells and reach of the epidermis cells. The combination of current and therapeutic tools has a very beneficial effect on the activity of cellular functions.


Lymph drainage, body wraps

Lymphatic drainage wrap has a collective effect several beauty treatments. Positive impact in this case has a special warming gel , directed on stimulation of cellular metabolism. Wraps also allows to achieve effect of drainage and myostimulation, skin thighs, and abdomen.


Microdermabrasion (microdermabrasion skin)

Microdermabrasion belongs to the group of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Microdermabrasion is aimed at slowing the aging skin whitening, the elimination of age and facial wrinkles, age spot removal, treatment of post-acne scars and large pores of the skin. Microdermabrasion is particularly indicated for the treatment of oily skin prone to acne, to eliminate the excessive dryness of the skin, caused by intensive solar radiation. This type of sanding quickens pale lifeless skin, stimulates the production of collagen, improves color of the face and positively affects the renovation and restoration of skin cells.

Microdermabrasion has no age restrictions and through the same procedure to deal with a whole complex of problems, while it is completely painless. After the first session, you will notice a positive effect, the skin becomes softer and cleaner. As a rule, microdermabrasion conducted courses from 5-14 procedures, depending on the skin condition. Cosmetologists recommend the course should be repeated once a month.



This type of equipment procedures aimed at the improvement of turgor and elasticity, helps to normalize the work of sebaceous glands, open and clean the pores. Darsonval stimulates blood circulation, calms the skin, regenerates skin cells and saturates the skin with oxygen.

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