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Having an overweight, sooner or later start to think that the problem should be resolved somehow. For some reason the first thing that comes to mind buy expensive capsules or tablets begin to starve or eat at least as Thumbelina. And nobody thinks that the most precious product for the figure, is very close by. It is what is on the table almost everyone. Apples! As known since childhood fruit will help us? How do I use? That means Apple diet? All in order.

What apples are useful

The benefits of apples said a lot, but it is better to repeat. In these fruits not only contains a large quantity of useful substances, but their combination is recognized by nutritionists especially successful. So, let us remember that Apple is the source:

  • vitamin C, enhancing immunity;
  • vitamin A required for the eyes, skin, bones, normal metabolism;
  • vitamins of group B to ensure the normal work of the cardiovascular, the nervous and the digestive system;
  • vitamin G also required for digestion;
  • iron to help cope with anemia;
  • flavonoids to reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases;
  • tartaric and malic acid involved in digestion.

By the way, are useful as fruit alone, and their skin and even seeds. In the first, for example, contain a lot of fiber, and the last is rich in iodine. And how exactly apples promote weight loss? Besides the fact that they normalize processes such as digestion and metabolism, which often violated in obese people, fruits, as noted, are very rich in fiber. This means that the consumption of the product helps to get enough food for a long time to feel the feeling of hunger.

As a bonus you can add that apples reduces the level of cholesterol in blood and prevent the occurrence of constipation (not to be confused with a laxative effect!). And indeed it is delicious and low-calorie fruit (1 fruit – only 70-100 kcal), which nutritionists recommend replacing snacks. And if you connect your imagination, you can create useful for the figure desserts, such as, for example, baked apples with cinnamon, fruit smoothies and salads.

How to lose weight using apples

Now when you realize that in the process of slimming apples do not occupy the last place, it’s time to learn how to make practical use of these fruits. In fact, effective ways of not so much. Depending on the «scale» of the issue, you can choose one of them or used in conjunction with each other. Not do without these fruits and those who have already managed to overcome the extra pounds and just wants to control your weight to avoid a relapse».

Apple before eating

It is believed that to lose weight is better to use green apples. Ideally, eat fruit recommended fresh. If you want to lower the calorie consumed dishes, скушайте Apple before meals. At the same time you are a little наедитесь, притупите hunger and let the vitamins contained in fruit, as quickly as possible contribute to the restoration of violated the body processes.

Eat fruit and useful after eating – evolved from the Apple juice is able to neutralize bacteria, settled on the enamel of the teeth and destroy it. When buying fruits remember that the imported products is covered with wax for a reliable and long storage in warehouses. So you have to cut off skin, thus depriving the organism of a large share of mineral substances, in particular all the same important for weight loss fiber.

Giving preference to sour grades of apples, remember that they, first, stimulate appetite, and secondly, are contraindicated in gastritis with high acidity, stomach ulcer, dyskinesia of a biliary tract. In such cases it is recommended to use the fruits of baked in the form.

Fasting day

With this one-day methods you can lose up to 1-1,5 kg of excess weight. Your daily diet should consist of 1,5-2 kg of fruit that you share on 5-6 servings). In between meals, you can and should drink water. They have also allowed herbal infusions, green or some other Chinese tea. Per day should be used not less than 1.5 litres of liquid – this will effectively bring the body of toxins.

If you are very hungry, water fashionable to add a little bit of honey. An important point is that to arrange fasting days on apples should be regularly – at least once in 7-10 days. The only way this measure will achieve a tangible result. There are combined discharge menu diet, which added to apples different products – cottage cheese or yogurt, buckwheat or oatmeal, cucumbers or chicken and other

Any fasting days are not compatible with active way of life, sports and intense mental activity. Select for this cleaning technique day off to the quiet and calm to indulge in dreams of a slim figure and eat apples.

Apple juice

Way to lose weight insanely simple and consists in the fact that in the morning, half an hour before Breakfast to drink half a glass of Apple juice. Naturally, fresh. Even with this option, the use of this fruit, you will be provided a healing effect, because the drink keeps absorbing and antioxidant properties of the original product, as well as of the vitamins. By the way, the latter was present in the juice as much as possible, it is recommended to RUB the fetus is not on the metal, and plastic or glass grated, and then pressing through cheesecloth.

Apple juice is easily digested, perfectly stimulates digestion, normalizes the work of kidneys and intestines, but, alas, there is practically no fiber. If desired, you can add in the beverage and other useful slimming products, for example, juice of carrot, celery or beet. For those who suffer from diabetes, drink should prepare only Apple green. In addition, apples can be used as an element of the juice diet.

Apple cider vinegar

It is believed that Apple cider vinegar, received inside, suppresses the feeling of hunger. For this purpose it is recommended to add a table spoon of this substance in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach. But this method has more contraindications than good, and the results from it not so impressive. There are other options for the use of Apple cider vinegar, for example, as wraps and rubbing. These procedures is easy to spend it at home. The result could be not only weight loss in volumes, but also decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Mono-diet 6 days

Just want to note that this is quite a rigid diet on apples, which later can turn into serious health problems. So initially it shows a fully healthy people who need effective rapid weight loss. For example, often the following menu use models, who will be attending the show or photo shoot.

  • 1 day: 1 kg of apples
  • day 2: 1,5 kg of apples
  • day 3: 2 kg of apples
  • day 4: 2 kg of apples
  • day 5: 1,5 kg of apples
  • day 6: 1 kg of apples

In addition, on the Apple монодиете should be drinking at least 2 liters of fluid. This may be drinking water, green tea without sugar, infusions of herbs (lemon balm, chamomile). Thanks to such a meager diet after the indicated method of the term you can lose in weight 6-10 kg

Diet for 10 days

Despite the fact that the Apple diet more gentle withstand will not everyone. To experience less fatigue and stress, that is, in order to prevent disruption, it is recommended not at the time of intensive physical activity. Prefer exercises on simulators and jog yoga Pilates or any other «gymnastics for the lazy».

  • odd days: 1,5 kg of apples (fresh or baked – as you like) + a glass of low fat yogurt at night
  • even days: 200 g cheese, chicken breast, roasted and fresh apples, 200 g squid and shrimp. All the products are divided into 3 main meals and two snacks

Output of their diet on apples should be gradually. It should not be drastically come down on calorie food is fraught with problems with digestion, as well as a new set of weights.

Reviews of Apple diets

Oksana, 28 years. Heard that Apple diet resorted Lyudmila Gurchenko. Decided to try монодиету, but I stood just 3 days. Terrible feeling constantly hungry, nerves or to hell, all срываешься. Dropped 3 kg, that within the next 5 days, of course, returned, because the food I was накидываться like a hungry animal. I do not know, probably, to such radical methods of weight loss, you need to prepare gradually. For example, first enter the fasting days, then use a longer 10-day diet.

Larisa, 31. Practicing only fasting days on apples. I think that it not only useful, but also the most secure way to establish internal processes in the body. To apples not приедались each handling, use different variants and recipes. For example, alternating fresh apples with juice, steaming fruit in the oven with cinnamon, do fruit salad with grainy cheese, etc. Already three months has passed after my «innovations», and I no longer plagued constipation, Yes, and the plummet amounted to 4 kg Think that stood on the slow but sure way to lose weight.

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