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Tibetan Goji berries, the use of which has already managed to win the acclaimed fame in the environment thinner people is really a unique natural storehouse of vitamins and minerals. And even many fruits loved for their unique taste, which is difficult with something to compare. How to properly use such Exotica those who are tired of banal fruit and vegetable fasting days and who wants to extract their use of Chinese barberry maximum benefit?

Properties and indications for use

If you pay attention to the places where you can buy Goji berries, you can learn many interesting facts from the “life” of these fruits. But do not forget that advertising is always, first and foremost, advertising, therefore you need to learn to read between the lines. Below is a look at the most common myths about Goji berries and their use and learn, finally, all grounded reality about them.

Myth 1. If you really want to lose weight, simply to include fruits in your daily diet. One of the properties of Tibetan Goji berries is the appetite suppression. And once you quench your hunger so useful and unobtrusive snack, a meal to eat significantly less, and even refuses a meal. Indeed, the fruits of Tibetan Goji berries are rich in fiber, which when hit in the stomach with enough liquid swells and fills the cavity of the digestive organ, creating a feeling of satiety.

However, to correctly apply Goji berries have in moderation and in combination with proper nutrition. That is, 15-30 grams of fruit may become useful for you snack between meals. However, in the rest time of the day you have to get their products proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And the more varied your menu, so you will be easier to give up bad food. Otherwise, Tibetan Goji berries simply won’t work, and you will have to constantly pull from tart to other flavors and textures – sweet, fatty, salty, fried, smoked.

Myth 2. Natural Tibetan Goji berries have amazing taste and it can replace the sweet tooth candy, cakes and pies. Actually, the fruit that is called “lover”. Of course, if you recently did, that was starving and sat on strict diets, prohibiting all sorts of Goodies, Tibetan Goji berries seem unearthly gastronomic bliss.

But those who often indulge himself confectionery and food laced with flavor enhancers, are unlikely to be delighted with the sweet taste of berries. Below is a look at scientific studies have proved the main useful properties of Goji berries as for the shape, and for health in General:

  • strengthening the immune system, which can be weakened under the influence of various factors – seasonal outbreak, individual characteristics, excessive mental or physical work. High content of vitamin C in Goji berries is a direct indication for their use for people who often fall ill;
  • comprehensive fortification of the body and its enrichment in essential minerals, particularly zinc, iron, calcium, potassium. Not all think about the fact that the roots of the problems with being overweight, excessive appetite, fatigue, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular system lie in the shortage of a substance or vitamin. The use of Goji berries able to eliminate these negative effects.
  • acceleration of digestion. Eating the fruit of the Chinese barberry leads to normal development of the digestive secrets, in particular accelerating the digestion of a heavy meal. So no wonder this wonder berry in Tibet and in other Eastern countries is often used in cooking, containing, for example, duck and other oily bird.


To improve its resistance to seasonal colds enough to eat in order to prevent and 30 g of Tibetan Goji berries in a day. This number is considered to be optimal for losing weight. As a rule, the fruits can be purchased fresh, and slightly dried form, it is considered that this method of treatment allows to eliminate the fresh product contained toxic substances. However be wary of concurrent vitamin-mineral complexes and additives – hypervitaminoses is also not good.

In all cases it is recommended to practice the gradual application of Goji berries. Let your body gets used to them gradually. This will give you the opportunity to monitor his response, which in some cases may manifest in the form of food Allergy. First try the fruit in its pure form, and then can move on to the sublime cocktails, homemade smoothies, salads, soups and even pastries with Tibetan Goji berries.

Enhance immunomodulatory and other useful properties of Goji berries will allow tea. Recipes healthy drink there are many, but you can use the simplest and one of the most effective. For the preparation of medicines pour hot water fruit with grated ginger. As a basis we can take freshly brewed black or green tea. In that case, if you decide to buy a ready-made cocktail on the basis of Goji berries, drink it in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

Order Goji berries


Aliya, 36 years. For me, the Tibetan Goji berries – this is not just a tool for weight loss and health, but also taste, familiar from childhood. Mom was cooking with them first courses and second, in the pilaf was added. Actually, a very valuable and original seasoning, which gives the food a unique spice. And she told me the secret to marital happiness. The fact that the Chinese barberry has a positive effect on male power, so it is not surprising that our family of six. And Yes, anyone with a weight or pressure, or elevated blood sugar never any problems in our family was not.

Anna, 30 years. Tried to order a cocktail taste is not very good, frankly. But I read a lot of other positive reviews about the use of Goji berries in this form. Apparently, it’s just not my thing. Then we have the market suddenly found dried fruits. Cost, of course, extremely expensive compared with dried fruit, but went bankrupt and was bought. And you know, heaven and earth easy! Very tasty. Tart this, but in moderation. Now I divide the recommended amount of berries for three servings. In the morning at Breakfast, add in a mess, and two other parts use during the day as snacks at work. Otherwise how can I be saved from burgers and other food “fast”?

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