марантыArrowroot has in a Shoe shelf almost every fashionista, especially if it is in the ranks of fans of street style with a strong identity and mix of current trends. Sneakers arrowroot – the personification of the new in fashion, but as you know, everything new is well forgotten old. In the case of manantali is not forgotten, and talent combined. This model of footwear has individual and recognizable image, however, is not for everyone who would like to try this style myself.


Expansion of the range

About maranto can never hear but to see them had probably everyone. This model of footwear, which is a combination of classic sports crossover and boots on the wedge. Arrowroot front have another distinctive feature is the Velcro fasteners.

Since the first appearance of this Shoe on the podium was not one fashion season, and their appearance was slightly altered, the options have expanded. If you have previously arrowroot was released exclusively on the wedge, but today you can see this model in heels and stilettos, leather and suede. For winter produced stylish arrowroot-popouts, in addition, the way these sneakers change almost every season, completely adapting for yourself the hottest trends straight from the catwalk.


Sport chic with a French accent.

“Arrowroot” is the Russian adaptation of the names of sneakers, which settled in the West – marant. The name they received from her founder – French designer Isabel Maran Isabel (Isabel Marant), which broke into the fashion world, bringing it a lot of innovation, adapting relaxed French chic to your everyday style a young active woman who used to wear expensive clothes may be a luxury, not looking pretentious or pompous.

This philosophy reflects the arrowroot. They are harmoniously woven into the basics of street fashion, which mixes the incongruous and passionately experimenting. The classic sneakers is very straightforward sports, so they are not always able to fit into a glamorous or casual feminine style casual. Shoes or boots wedge is also not always appropriate, because sometimes pretentious and solemnly, that does not always fit into the style of the active lady. Arrowroot is the most stylish combination of convenience and luxury shoes, comfort and chic, not always successfully coexisted in a single model. Just have to learn how to wear them and to decide whether to buy these fashionable sneakers.


What to wear arrowroot

  • Arrowroot – shoes heavy, and it is impossible to argue. So these shoes looked on the leg style, and not turned into a sort of irons, but at the same time, were visible, it is necessary when selecting take into account many factors.
  • If you bought arrowroot, your goal is to put them on a light accent, but not to move on the shoes all the attention. Do not wear arrowroot girls very fragile physique and low growth, because they will look overly hard and will not decorate the way, and will make the painful fragility. You should also not wear arrowroot girls with full legs. These sneakers are not spacious under pants or long skirt – leg in them remains open, otherwise the model loses all meaning. Coupled with full IFR and surround ankle arrowroot will make the lower area of the body is ugly.
  • Trouser combination. The safest option of wearing maranto with jeans and skinny pants, Chino. In the company of these items of clothing will perfectly suit long jacket fitted silhouette or direct double-breasted, classic black or dark blue in stock. From accessories – bulk bag made of natural soft leather, bright scarf triangle on the neck or soft, rolled harness, hat-Fedor. Jeans or pants made of thick fabrics can be replaced with leather leggings, top, jacket or long cardigan buttoned with a deep V-neck.
  • Open legs. Slender long legs in the summer you can safely open in shorts and mini-skirts, completing the image of manantali. Sneakers can be worn on bare feet and wear with thick tights or plain dark leggings. Top – knitted sweater or the same classic jacket. If you are hesitant to wear arrowroot with mini and bare legs, try a skirt or shorts to add black leggings. Arrowroot can be also dark – they will not go unnoticed in your way, but so much attention to your feet in others will not.
  • For those who crave fashion experiments, there are more daring combinations. So arrowroot can be worn with bare legs, complementing them a set of leather pencil skirts and top, t-shirts or t-shirts printed. Less extreme looks denim mini skirt with marante bundled with a free top and leather jackets on top.
  • To emphasize the arrowroot in his image, to attract attention, you can not just bare legs. Simply select the model of a certain color. So very popular red and bright blue arrowroot suede, which is noticeable in any outfit.

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