модерн в современной одеждеThe art Nouveau covered two and a half decades – the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. He was known not only in the past, but is deeply rooted in the present, walked a few decades if not always steady. Art Nouveau in modern clothes can be found in the current seasonal trends, and in the handwriting of this or that fashion designer, and in well-established canons, which is not afraid of any changes fashionable course.

Modern means “modern”, could it be otherwise? It seems that modern and timely this trend will remain always.


Classic elegance in the upper reaches of emansipe

In the late 19th century in Europe intensified feminist sentiments that most directly affected partial change of the female costume. Partially because of ladies passed rebellious spirit desire for independence, this style is not touched. Emancipated women have found their individuality included blouse and long skirt slightly divergent down silhouette. Top wore a simple jacket that resembled an element of the male costume.

This simple set in a modern fashion for many years meet all the needs of style women-professional, except for length skirt, which in modern fashion comes to the knee.

With the spread of fashion MIDI skirts and ultra-Maxi manifestation of the original founders became more evident, and now women gladly wear long skirts tucked into them blouses and short or long jackets.


Oriental motifs in design and decor

The art Nouveau sought not only to antiquity, but also to any manifestation of ethnic influences in clothes. These influences were cut dresses, borrowed from Japanese kimono, and large bright patterns, among which were especially popular Turkish cucumber and motives of the Japanese watercolor painting.

All these features are easily found in a large number of collections of contemporary designers, especially those known for their love of ethnic prints. Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Issa, Emilio Pucci is a brand that is most close to the modern interpretation of style art Nouveau in dress. Their collection is full of tunics and dresses, which are combined cut, prints and colours, typical fashion of a century ago.

Alternatively, look for such solutions other brands, focusing on large watercolor patterns with a fantastic natural or geometric motifs, thin but dense fabric, steadily falling from her shoulders, sleeves, extending from the elbow, V-neck.


Coat male silhouette

No waist and shift it down is one of the indicators of style Paul Poiret, who liberated woman from the corset and who revised traditional feminine silhouette in General. Coats mens cut that United inverted trapezoid with extended upper and narrowed the lower part, were born in the epoch of art Nouveau. These coats are incredibly popular and today, shattering all men dream to see the subtleties of the female silhouette under them.

These coats today are deliberately free, if somebody’s back. This is a new classic minimalist modern fashion, which combines not only the novelty of modern style and relevant once the style of male-female accentuated with a trendy twist.



Skirt – item lady’s wardrobe that in the age of art Nouveau has been the most powerful transformations. Lush frame, it eventually developed into a free and slightly extended, then was lying, and then became a “lame”.

Modern skirt-year – this is not just another bow of the art Nouveau with its hobble skirt skirt, invented Field Poiret. And in the season when this style skirts in everyday fashion is not considered relevant, it can always be seen in the trends of wedding and evening dresses, where he cleverly disguised as “a mermaid’s tail.


Long dresses with long sleeves

The woman wore long dresses always short model began to gain confidence from the middle of last century. But the connection in the same dress adjoining silhouette, sleeves to the wrist and feminine, a little extended skirt, allowing freely to walk, is another curtsey towards modernity. Some designers make the dress even more close to their original historical image, including sleeves and tightly opened neckline. Particularly impressive and authentic look of the model of dark fabric – green, blue, black, plain or with Oriental print. In the evening versions of this dress with gold fittings, shining holography or traditional metallic Shine.

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