арт загарOur life also consists of many trends, fashion on various “chips” in a strange way appears out of nowhere, and as suddenly sinking into oblivion, but until one or the other trend is on the crest of the fashion wave, all who consider themselves fashionable and stylish, are trying to try a new trend. If you think that we are talking about fashion, then you are wrong. Art tan – new fun, fans which are proud to post their pictures in social networks. In these photos we see tanned people with pictures on the body whose color is much lighter overall skin tone.

These drawings are created using stickers or stencils placed on the skin for some time. The rest is done by the sun, you tan and the place where the stencil, remains light, then the sticker is removed and the body remains a lovely picture or inscription. Such “art” is also called a sun tattoo, though unlike real tattoos, sun will descend as soon as you wash off your tan.

We are all in the soul of artists and art tanning is another way to show their creativity, even if you do not know how to hold a brush and apply paint. In the world of the art of tanning, as well as in any other art form, there are masterpieces and Frank “miscue” as a tattoo artist, all this is called self expression and no one can forbid a person to Express himself thus, to photograph the results of their creative powers and spread it to the world wide web.


Opinions about art tan

арт загар на телеArt tan can like it or not, but doctors, in particular dermatologists, see in this fashion a real threat to the health of those on his body creates such masterpieces. Any sunburn increases the risk of melanoma, a significant difference in this respect between an art and a normal tan no.

Some believe art tan a kind of manifestation of exhibitionism, creating by ultraviolet light figure on his body, man is primarily motivated by the desire to once again show his body to others, and posting photos of the art tanning in the network, the person seeks the approval and admiration of others. Anyway, the art tanning is the thing of today is really popular, and fortunately, in addition to damaging ultraviolet rays, there are safer ways to tan and to draw on her body the interesting picture.


Art safe tan at home

арт загар на кожеTo achieve the final result you will need 2-4 hours. The safety of this art of tanning provides a self – tanning cream or bronzer a few shades darker than natural skin tone. Of course, this pattern will not persist as long as irradiation of skin by ultraviolet light, but the risk of negative consequences of sunburn will be reduced to a minimum.

So, we need:

  • A towel or sheet on which you will lie
  • Swimsuit or underwear
  • Sticker or liquid eyeliner
  • Means for bronzer (cream, lotion or spray)

Place the sticker on the place where you want to get the image, the image also can be created with the help of liquid eyeliner, applied in several layers. The figure, which then manifest on the skin, is under the sticker, the skin will get a darker color, and the desired figure or inscription to be much lighter.

Now apply it on the body bronzer, independently to cover the whole body the tan is not easy, so it’s best to do it someone close. Remove the sticker after the tanning will show its color on your skin, the longer it will last, the more expressive will be the result.

If you tan in the sun, don’t forget to put on the skin sunscreen, so you not only protect your skin but also extend the life obtained on the skin image.

Choose a figure to taste, please be patient and soon you will be able to boast a sun tattoo or artistic tanning, call it what you got, as you please. It’s very simple: the sticker, the sun or self-tan – and you are in the trend.

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