как красиво подчеркнуть глазаMake beautiful eyes, look expressive and deep color brighter and incision sexual dream of all women, without exception. Many believe that to make eye truly beautiful done only by professionals. It is not, because knowing their advantages and disadvantages, and a well being guided in fashion trends, they can attract the eyes of the attention that they lacked before. Highlight beautiful eyes in different ways, depending on your experience in applying makeup, beauty tools you have available and, finally, why do you want to create a make-up.

If you are going for a job and would like to emphasize the beauty of your eyes, you will need one makeup. If you are invited to a birthday party and you are going to dance all night, of course, makeup will be different.


Broad arrow

Although retro-style goes out of fashion for several seasons, many women are unable to draw the arrow on the upper eyelid, doing fine pencil line at the bottom. To draw a nice arrow in the style of Audrey Hepburn will need a good eyeliner better liquid. If the liquid you use do not know how, then choose felt liner, with which the line is more confident.

Fix elbow on the table, close your eyes gently pull the region century and fast movement to try to draw a straight line close to the lash line. Black broad arrow is best combined with pale shadows. If you have swollen eyelids, the shadow must be Mat, eyeliner choose from the wide surface of a painting to the skin is not «eat» line.


Three-dimensional makeup or smoky eyes

Smoky smoky eyes makeup or gives a view of the dynamics of depriving him of his plane. With it, very easy to emphasize the eyes and adjust their shape. Three-dimensional makeup suggests the shadow of three shades, which differ from each other by the tone. The light is applied to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. Medium shading is imposed on a fold of the upper eyelid, should be a good blend. On line the lash with a deviation to the outer corner of the eyes is applied to the darkest shades, which gives depth to eyes. Three-dimensional makeup can be performed in different schemes. It is preferable not to use heavy black eyeliner on the contour line. The best option will be to choose a pencil of the same color, which is present in the make-up.

The principal difference of three-dimensional makeup from the classic smoky eyes that apply smoky tones of the same range, while in the three-dimensional, they can be different, for example, the internal area indicated by a yellow, external – violet.


Color eyeliner

Eyeliner and bright colors, which is different from the color of your eyes or could be with him one spectrum, is one of the tried and tested and recommended by specialists way to emphasize the eyes. The secret of success for the expressiveness of sight to the eyes sparkle is the mandatory application of a coloured liner under him, that is, on the lower eyelid. Of course, pencil can draw the eyes of the whole, but the bottom line is perfectly shades the eye color, bringing it to attention.


Smooth groomed eyebrows

There are girls who diligently eyelids, but given little attention eyebrows. And it was the eyebrows is largely responsible for the way our face is perceived by others. Therefore, if you want all the attention was riveted to your beautiful eyes, do not forget about the eyebrows. First, they must be flat and wide. Eyebrows-threads have long left the fashion Olympus, n replacing them with neat natural forms.

To eyes looked beautiful, make sure that brow tint coincided with the roots of the hair. To emphasize the eyebrows can be, causing Matt light shade in the area of lift arc over the external corners of the eyes signifying its color if necessary. Eyebrows better allocate not a pencil, which leaves a noticeable dash and shadows. Start drawing a line worth about mid-and next to the temples. Do not touch the area of the nose – it will make rude person.

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