как выразительно накрасить глазаExpressive makeup can be elegant or bright. Great skill is to attract attention of prohibited techniques that border pretentiousness and vulgarity. Nothing is easier than to take the bright colors and, as an expressionist, make a couple of strokes, which are sure to make a splash. But just who is it now, when there are so many opportunities expressive put make-up eyes even with the help of pastel shades?


Smoky makeup – classics and modernity

The smoky eye makeup no competitors on the degree of expressiveness, which he imparts. With its help the light of nature, deep-set eyes are transformed eyes became deep and even mystical. Mystery such make-up gives the choice of certain shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner.

It is believed that the classic smoky eyes must be either in black and gray tones, or, as is more natural and носибельный option in brown. Both the color scheme suitable for women with brown eyes, especially dark, but rarely suitable for light and dark eyes. For them, there are alternatives, with hues of purple, green, blue.

Before performing the smoky eye makeup put on lids primer, lightly powder. The shade should easily glide over the skin, so pay attention either on a soft pearlescent texture or compact silky. Technology of application remains the same: in the inner corner is superimposed to the lightest shades, on the eyelid – tone darker than the darkest decorates line growth of eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelid. Eyeliner may be lacking, but if she is, she should not go to the inner corners, especially if eyes close planted.

Smoky eye makeup should be done with great caution, if you have small or narrow eyes, drooping eyelids.


Cat’s waltz

Give your image a cat playfulness help eyeliner, which you can apply as an upper eyelid and bottom.

In 2012-1013’s fashionable allocated to the eyes, making them catlike. Glasses, repeating the lines of this makeup, called «butterfly», but he causes a persistent Association with feline grace. The essence of this eye makeup that outer area of the upper eyelid using a liner, lifted up. It is not necessary to make the arrows in the retro style, they can be decorative and be only a check, making already for the outer contour of the eyes.

Another way to put make-up eyes expressively – draw a line around the contour of the lower eyelid, mostly on the mucosa. Uncomfortable – Yes, but the effect that this makeup, worthy to choose a high quality water resistant pencil. If you have chosen this way – do not use liquid liner, or makeup will look untidy. Pencil, correct all the flaws of the cotton swab. She held longer, you can apply above the pencil bar a bit shadows in tone. Be careful – during the whole day you have to check, not smeared the line. Not to use this method аллергиками and women, who often watery eyes.


Accent expressiveness

If you want to do is not deep eye makeup, and draw attention to their color, then your way is the emphasis by contrast. Eye shade plays very differently if forever apply suitable to him shade. So brown eyes suited emerald green, grey, blue, purple tints. If you have blue or grey eyes, your choice of coral, terracotta, orange. Green eyes, a fine shade of purple, saturated or lavender, depending on the tone of green eyes. The obvious advantage of this method is optional complex make-up, you can do without eyeliner, limited only by the guests, which gives the color contrast.

If you do make up for the summer, and you are not confused with bright watercolor shades for the eyes, then feel free arm pencils neon colors, refusing from the shadows. One simple line on the bottom edge of the century will help emphasize the eyes, even if eyeliner with them the same color.

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