hair masks. Mask for face with gelatin have a rejuvenating effect, tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Many brands use gelatin in the composition of their cosmetics. Toothpaste Haleine Pure contains gelatine of pork origin. Same story with toothpaste Soins Essentiel Blancheur, Fraicheur, et Soin Global + Blancheur from Sanogyl.



Agar-agar is a Malay word that means “seaweed” or “jelly”. Asians grow it for many centuries. Agar-agar is a sort of gelatin alternative. You can find it in different forms: strips, crystals. The most common form of agar-agar is a white powder in bags usually of 2 g

Agar-agar is widely used in cooking for preparation of terinov, jelly, mousses, Panna cotta, flans, filler…

In addition, it is widely used in chemistry, Microbiology, cosmetology, archaeology, and even dentistry.

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