выщипывать бровиBeautifully defined, neat and well-groomed eyebrows make the look more open and bright. As pluck eyebrows? This can be done at home or in the cabin, and, if you have not done this before, start with a visit to a professional.

The wizard will help you choose the most suitable for your type of person the form of eyebrows and give them the correct and beautiful shape. Of course, eventually, the hairs will grow back, but you have to be easier to adjust eyebrows, following a predefined form. In the salons also proposed to remove excess hair wax, but not all the procedure is mostly women prefer more traditional and familiar way eyebrow shaping with tweezers.


Some tips for those who выщипывает eyebrows himself

выщипывать бровиFirst of all, clean your skin with a cotton pad, this will remove the dirt and dead skin particles, if your goal for deep cleansing, use the scrub for face. If pulling hairs cause you discomfort, minimize their help special «freezing» spray or gel, which is applied with teething in babies. Best pluck eyebrows after you took a shower, the warm water opens the pores and softens the hair bulbs, which will considerably facilitate the pulling of unwanted hair.

Gently brush eyebrows clean brush or just smooth your fingertips.

Pluck eyebrows better in the bright, well-lit room, take care of a nice mirror you can use the mirror with magnifying effect, but the end effect is better assess, gazing into a mirror. Looking in magnifying mirror, it seems that the hairs you want to remove, much more than they really are, and believing her glass such, we are only worse. Often hairs that we see in a magnifying mirror, they cannot be seen in normal and, therefore, cannot see them, and the surrounding.

It is important to have a good quality tweezers for plucking eyebrows, it is better to choose a model with beveled ends.

Pull out the hairs should be only in the direction of their growth. Do not try to grab a few hairs at once, when pulling the hairs skin century can be slightly fix fingers, but not too hard, not to stretch the skin and add a couple of unwanted wrinkles.

Start plucking hairs can be anywhere, but experts recommend starting with the zone, located in the lower part of бровной arc, clearing the area, if necessary, handle the top line of the eyebrows and the area between the eyebrows. Forget the old stereotype of prohibiting pluck hairs from above the eyebrows, and the upper and lower edge of the line of the eyebrows look alike clear and well groomed. However, getting rid of unwanted hairs at the top – rather, it is an option but not a mandatory procedure.

It is most natural to look eyebrows middle, moderate angulation. Eyebrow should start right over носослезным channel, with the highest point above the outer edge of the iris of the eye, and end on the point of falling in 45 degrees from the outer corner of the eye. Too strongly curved eyebrows look unnatural.

The distance between eyebrows there must be an equal or be slightly wider than the distance between the eyes.

Place the pencil parallel to the wings of the nose, precisely from the place where the pencil meets with eyebrow and must begin the line of the eyebrows.

Remember to evaluate the result after the removal of a few hairs. Important not to перевыщипать» eyebrows, because unlike other places on our body hairs plucked from eyebrows, not always grow back. If you are too overdone with выщипыванием, take a break of about three weeks and let hairs grow again. After some time you will see your natural shape and growth line of the eyebrows, the same eyebrows, as well as nails and hair also it is useful to organize a small vacation. If you sparse and thin eyebrows, use special serums for eyebrows, which you can buy in cosmetic stores or pharmacies. Apply this tool at night for three months.

Often after the pulling of the hair surface of the eyelid turns red, apply on the skin with a small amount of gel aloe Vera or кортизоновой ointments, it helps to relieve irritation and soothe the skin.


Useful advice

выщипывать бровиTo clippers for correction of eyebrows, not losing grip force, regular cleaning with alcohol, thus, you not only have to remove all impurities, but also to disinfect your «working tool».

Delicate and rare more expressive eyebrows and thick help make a brown shade. If you подкрашиваете eyebrow shadows, do not skimp on the quality of the product, cheap shadows with a poor texture fall off quickly, that, of course, the same brings all your works, and in General looks ugly and untidy. If you give your eyebrows desired shape you are using a pencil, draw an eyebrow short dashed movements, starting from the outer corner of the eyes, then gently blend color finger or with a brush. Brunettes makeup artists recommend to choose a pencil on a couple of shades lighter hair color, fit blondes Golden hues of brown, светлорусым – gray-brown and red-brown – warm shades of brown. If you have no time every morning to tint eyebrow pencil or shadow – use the procedure chemical dyeing of eyebrows, but did not do this at home, it is best to consult a cosmetic salon.

For the day eyebrows did not lose the form, use eyebrow gel, if you haven’t gel, fit and hairspray.

By the way, experts recommend pluck eyebrows, a week after the beginning of menstruation. It was at this time the body is the least sensitive to the removal of body hair, but if you decide to correct eyebrows immediately before the onset of menstruation, then be prepared to pain and discomfort.

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