зрительно увеличить губыMany women dream about full and sensual lips. Plastic surgery is often associated with a number of very unpleasant consequences and does not always achieve the expected result. There are a number of simple and painless techniques allowing visually enlarge lips.


Light massage and exfoliation

Massage surface of the lips toothbrush improves the structure of the skin, removes the layer of dead skin particles, making lips smooth, the massage stimulates blood circulation and a rush of blood to the lips as a very positive impact on their volume. Daily massaging lips brush you will notice that the surface of the lips became softer and softer, and the lips themselves more plump and sensual.

Enhance the effect of massage will help honey or vaseline, these funds are not only the softness of your lips, but also improve their color.

Perfectly complements the process of massage and increases lips naturally regular use of scrubs. A rush of blood to the skin naturally causes swelling and leaves your lips soft and childish complete.

Exfoliator is easy to cook at home from natural ingredients. Mix a small amount of sugar with water, add a few drops of moisturizing oil and apply the mixture on the lips. Light circular movements exfoliate the skin and then rinse. The composition of such very good scrub stimulates blood circulation, minor irritation quickly disappear, but remain soft lips and capriciously полненькими.

Natural remedies can successfully replace synthetic agents for lip augmentation, and of course the effect of domestic balm will not last more than two hours, but home remedies are completely harmless. Made of natural ingredients with the addition of essential oils balm, you can carry in your handbag and apply whenever you like.


Essential oil of cinnamon

Cinnamon oil is included in most of the funds for lip augmentation, which you can buy in the store. Cinnamon stimulates capillaries, improves circulation, and as a consequence makes lips full and bright.

To make lips more attractive, add a drop of cinnamon oil in balm or lip gloss. After application, you can feel a sense of light tingling or burning sensation, but it will pass quickly, and you will definitely be pleased with the outcome.


Essential oil of peppermint

зрительно увеличить губыThe principle of action of peppermint oil does not differ from the effect of cinnamon, mint improves blood circulation, contributing to a rush of blood to his lips, lips appear fuller and fuller, besides mint has a pleasant cooling effect.

Add a few drops of peppermint oil teaspoon vaseline and apply the obtained mixture as a regular lip balm.


Oil Cayenne pepper

Do lips full and sensual will also help to mix a small amount of ground Cayenne pepper water, just RUB this mixture into the skin of the lips, little hold, then rinse.

1-2 drops of oil, add to the finished lip balm or make your own homemade lip gloss. For this mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with 1/3 tablespoon of melted coconut oil and 20 drops of sweet almond oil. Add 2 drop of oil Cayenne pepper and enjoy the natural and fragrant lip gloss own cooking!

However, be careful with Cayenne pepper! Do not put too much, a tiny pinch of help increase circulation, but slightly exceeding the norm, you will feel the unbearable pain, which may lead to a burn delicate and thin lips.


Gymnastics lip

Gymnastics lip strengthens the facial muscles, particularly those that do not engage in active facial expressions, and contributes to the creation of more beautiful and full shape of the lips.

There are a number of exercises that you can do lips fuller, without the help of plastic surgeons and chemicals.

Such exercises should recur daily during a month, and then do three times a week.

It is noticed, that men and women playing wind musical instruments, lips fuller, because they regularly train certain muscles lips. If you do not own wind instruments, whistling daily for 3-5 minutes of your favorite track, and so loudly as you can make it. It was such a simple exercise strengthens the “right” muscles and increases the volume of the lips.

  • Smiles and kisses

Link lips and smile as wide as you can. Restrain a smile on five seconds, and then pull the lips as if you’re going to kiss someone. Hold this for another five seconds, then smile again. During the exercises work lips as much as possible. Repeat 20 times.

  • Move and rotate

Squeeze tight lips and slide them to the right, as far as possible. Hold for five seconds, then move to the left. Repeat this movement with 15 times.

зрительно увеличить губыSqueeze the lips and pull them in for a kiss, make two slow rotational motion clockwise, then repeat the same in the opposite direction. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

Transparent gloss lip and шиммеры also help to visually enlarge lips. If you color lipstick, apply a bit of sparkle to the center of the lips and gently blend well.

The clinics offer a correction procedure lips with fillers or transplantation of its own fat. Most often used fillers, which absorbed over time, as a rule, they are based on the hyaluronic acid permanent fillers can achieve more significant long-term effect. Correction using own tissue represents the implantation of fat cells in the mouth with some other parts of the body. Done properly, the correction procedure is painless, does not have side effects and does not cause subsequent pain.

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