Under any circumstances woman wants to look beautiful – whether проливный rain, or frost. In the winter it is a harder thing to do, as outerwear limits the choice of stylish looks. But there is a solution – please note winter jacket! A well-chosen model can make Your image really fashionable.
This season sale of winter coats will be an excellent solution for low-cost, creating a trend onions. Note classics in black, brown and grey, which are in fashion again. A jacket with a hood and a square patch pockets and a large collar still leave the leading positions. The advantage of this model is no need to have any headdress.
Как зимой выглядеть стильно
Among the new trends note minimalism in clothes – in this case, the lack of collars and a minimum of lightning.

If You are a business-lady be sure to purchase a jacket jacket. Of course, for a long walk, it will not work, but for a spectacular defile of the car to the entrance will be at the time.

Designers draw our attention to the stylish combination of two textures in a single product, also on the actual decoration of the skin or fur. The trend of the new season is called constructive fur large parts.

Still appropriate animal prints a line under a Zebra and a spot under leopard can be safely used in creating a bright image, but do not need to go too far. Gradually popularity trying different geometric and abstract paintings, and print in the cell.
Как зимой выглядеть стильно 1
If we talk about fashion looks winter jackets, fashion designers prefer приталенному silhouette, but do not forget and about a straight cut. Fashion is becoming a big collars and models with big shoulders. Item which is often used in various collections – asymmetric zipper.
Colors can be different – fabric black, different shades of metallic and bright saturated colors.

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