диета Симеонса

Diet Dr. Simeons were practiced in the 50-ies of the last century, the author of the methodology. British endocrinologist helped wealthy patients of a private clinic in which he worked, become slim, beautiful and healthy. Dr. albert has developed a universal formula weight loss, which with the same success could be applied to men and women, younger and older people.

Theoretical basis of methods

The existence of three types of fat. First, there is structural fat is a necessary layer, which is located between the organs, protecting them from damage, as a “pillow”. Secondly, in the body there is a necessary energy supply. These are the fats that are actively consumed in the process of life, serving as an energy source. Thirdly, there are “bad” fat deposits on your abdomen, hips, thighs, waist, etc.) that are virtually inaccessible for burning through diets and exercise. This “dead weight”, a reserve for a rainy day, to part with which the body is not willing.

The true reason of completeness. Banal gluttony, in the opinion of Simeons is not the root of the problem. We actually consumed much more food that the body needs that historically caused by improper nutrition. Our ancestors were forced to eat moderately, but in the civilized world food deficiency is not observed, and we start to use food to meet physiological needs, and how completely unnecessary us pleasure. And at some point it’s overkill leads to failure – the metabolism is disturbed, the body begins to actively accumulate “bad” fat.

Role of HCG in weight loss. According to endocrinologist, a substance contained in the female placenta during pregnancy (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), is able to release the “bad” fat by acting on the hypothalamus, which manages the functioning of the hormonal system. And if you combine HCG (or a suitable substitute) with a special low-calorie diet (500 kcal per day), then deposits will actively be burned, and you will be able to lose 8 to 15 pounds in 40 days weight loss. When the metabolism is fully normalized, the result achieved will be fixed for a long time.

Looks like diet Dr. Simeons?

The structure of the substance, which is secreted by the placenta, has long been investigated. This gave doctors the opportunity to develop some more affordable alternatives with the effect of HCG, but don’t have the hormone in their composition. One of progressive innovation in this area is active additive “Biolit”.

Grains, based on the natural sweetener xylitol, are similar-human Chorionic Gonadotropin Human triggering mechanisms for the release and subsequent in the diet, burning body fat.

  • Step 1. Duration 1-2 days. During this time people “raise” to create an optimal body fat to start losing weight, and gets the hormone.
  • Step 2. Duration from 3 to 23 (40) day. Reduction diet to 500 calories a day. The body starts to burn “bad” fats, because the body works Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.
  • Step 3. Duration 24, 25, 26 (41, 42, 43) days. The body is released from the action of HCG. Continues the course on the use of no more than 500 calories a day.
  • Step 4. The duration of 3 weeks. Stabilization of the achieved result is that the body got used to his new weight. Allowed everything except sugar and starchy foods. You cannot continue to use a diet Dr. Simeons and gain weight more than 1 kg.

Important! Before you start to use the method, be sure to contact a consultant slimming Anat stern, if you have a chronic illness and you have to constantly take any medications and be under constant medical supervision.


Inga, 33 years. The first thought that 500 calories per day and no HCG is not necessary – and so perfectly will lose weight. However, sadly mistaken. To adhere to such a diet can, apparently, only robots. Nerves, aggression, dizziness, constant problems with a chair (he is, but no, its not a few days). Recovered a bit and decided to act “on science”. “Biliton” everything fell into place – feel great, hunger tortured (except that the first few days, because I didn’t pay enough attention to the first stage of the diet Dr. Simeons). My personal result for 40 days – minus of 9.7 kg.

Alena, age 29. I do not recommend to be afraid of the word “hormones”. In the end, many of them actively promote weight loss. And in this case it is not a hormonal drug, and his substitute, who has almost no contraindications.

Kseniya, 30 years. Remember how during pregnancy felt unreal emotional and physical recovery. So I think the grain of truth in the research of this doctor. By the way, researched on the channels, injections of a natural hormone in clinics do, but this is just outrageous amount. So I decided to buy a pack-a diet with sweet granules. The kit for quite a reasonable price (90 euros even comes) complete guide to the original diet of Simeons and the opportunity to run their own interactive diary of losing weight.


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