Almost a woman has a huge amount of jewelry. What jewelry should be worn for this fall? Consider the examples of autumn jewellery (jewelry).


Сережкам this autumn plays the leading role. Fashion long earrings, retro and inlaid inexpensive stones. Large size earrings – каффы, chandeliers and decoration in the style of rock: bigger and brighter better.

Rings and rings

Осенняя бижутерия3

Large size is not passed and decorations for your fingers. In the fashion of a large ring and the ranks of jewelry that adorn the brush.

Chain, necklace, necklace

High popularity of this season have three-dimensional decoration on the neck, which can be purchased in the Department jewellery shop This autumn the neck ornaments can be characterized as «more is better»! Fashionable jewelry – oval pendant. It can be of different materials, all colours and sizes.


In the trend of wide bracelets. What as wood and metal, crystal, plastic bracelets. Hit of the season bracelets – cuff.
Fashion motives of the fall season

Ethnic motifs

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Today they are much more popular than in the past. For costume jewellery ethnic style is characterized by multi-colored stones, the line in the form of waves, twisted details.

The next trend – floral motifs. Such as necklaces, earrings, bracelet. They can be made in a form similar to the real colors.

Ostromodnoy novelty of the season are thorns. They are decorated with bracelets, rings, pendants. This costume jewelry fine complement outfits girls extravagant or loving biker style.

Also, in fashion this fall fashion jewelry in the form of insects and reptiles: images and figures of beetles, lizards and snakes, butterflies.
As you can see, autumn costume jewelry can be a bit more diverse than wooden earring and felt beads. Dare!

Article publication date: October 16, 2013

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