The image of a true lady must be absolutely perfect in everything from hair to nails. Therefore, in order to be fashionable, you should follow the news not only in the world of clothing and hairstyles, but should be paid to trends in the world of nail Polish.
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Stylish look is simple. Online store now offers fashionistas things, including beach dress (here is link, accessories, Souvenirs at affordable prices. The online store is very convenient, since you don’t have to leave home in order to make purchases, the order can be done lying on the couch.

If the woman takes care of herself, this is evident in her manicure, as it looks not only accurately, but also beautiful and stylish. The nails can visually determine the age of each woman and this is the correct manicure capable of these numbers change a bit.
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As for the shape, long nails unnatural and incomprehensible form this season have faded into the background, now regarded as beautiful, natural, almond-shaped or rounded.

The new season has become a space manicure. This can enable a bold and confident person. Current will be all shades of blue that will be able to create an image of the starry galaxy.
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Equally popular was the moon manicure. On the advice of stylists is better to use as the main colors are vibrant rich colors, and to create a Crescent is better to choose bright and softer tone. Designers, reframing the idea of a moon manicure has also proposed a novelty, they recommend a month to do in the triangle.

Autumn 2014 will be the nails in a French style. This type of design nail is the most popular because it is lightweight in design, and looks very nice.
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The autumn season has expanded the boundaries of fashion manicure take care not only about the ladies who love a relaxing manicure, but also about extraordinary people.

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