In the crazy rhythm of modern life, every man is more concerned about its health. To look nice and not to feel fatigue, to be energetic want everyone. Crucial to achieve the objectives plays proper nutrition. Energy comes from food and it must be able to use. The main source of the vital energy throughout the day is Breakfast. It is noticed that slender women do not miss the Breakfast and full Vice versa, leave calories for lunch and dinner. On the morning meal should be allocated from 30 to 40% of the daily diet. But what it needs, so as not to harm your body and stay awake all day?
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Diversify your menu and make it useful abilities of each. Just need to know what foods you need to eat in the morning. For those wishing to maintain their shape, use lavash is undeniable. Its usefulness consists in the ability to regulate carbohydrate balance, because in pita no yeast and women may not be worried about the emergence of unwanted pounds. An example of such a Breakfast can be served with chicken and vegetables, bread with cheese and herbs, served with fish, eggs and greens and many other toppings options.

Another important source of energy is porridge. The usefulness of a Breakfast cereal has long unchallenged. Moreover, in the morning, you can eat any cereal to choose from – rice, buckwheat, barley or oats. To diversify its taste can chopped fruit, nuts, raisins, or just cook porridge with milk.

Cheese, eaten in the morning, will charge you for the whole day and will not feel hungry until the lunch break. In addition, replenish the body with calcium. So he did not seem fresh or dry, you can dilute it natural yogurt, add fresh herbs, vegetables or fruit. And you can eat it into a delicious pudding. As in the kindergarten, remember?

For quality Breakfast recommended to eat and chicken eggs. They contain many nutrients they contain 12 vitamins and almost all the microelements. But to misuse eggs doctors do not advise.
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To list useful products, charging energy to us in the mornings for a long time, but you still need to get Breakfast before working day.
Nice Breakfast!

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