Офигенная диета

Who was conceived because the diet is not known. Most likely, the authorship belongs to some model or unhappy girl who dreamt of the podium. Heavy but effective technique allows for two weeks reset to 8 kg, Not all of its stand to the end, and those who still had enough willpower and self-control, note that all the lost very quickly returns. And it is only at best, and at worst a person expects poor health, crippled psyche and the whole life.

Important points

Before applying fuckin ‘ diet, make sure that you have no problems with the heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys and all the other internal organs and systems. Any unreasonable restrictions in the diet is a direct way to the aggravation of chronic diseases. So, to the hospital and near.

Because in the next two weeks you intend to deprive your body of almost all the essential vitamins and minerals, immediately stock up on some polyvitaminic complex. Otherwise, very soon you encounter problems such as hair loss and tear of the nails, and teeth.

By the way, the condition of the skin fucking diet would also not the best way. Not only that on the face will soon be constantly popping inflammation and pimples, activating the processes of aging of the organism. So to the methods of supply recommended resort in extreme cases, such as when you need to lose weight before any important event. In this case we can say that the goal justifies the means.

Exit fuckin ‘ diets must be correct, that is gradual. This will help you to minimize (but not eliminate) the risk of such negative impacts as gastritis, colitis, anorexia, etc. As may be violated in the process of digestion of solid food, first time use some therapeutic diet a diet which provides for a sick amount of liquid days and consumption of products in перетертом form. This allows the stomach to adapt. After that adopt any effective system of power, if you don’t want the weight back.

And during the diet, and after it, to reject any kinds of loads. However, you yourself, having estimated its condition, understand that sports or work nor study to fully engage in can’t. There are tiredness, dizziness, nausea, constant anxiety. The case can even walk to nervous breakdowns. So the ideal time to fuckin ‘ diet – vacation.

Menu for 14 days

  1. All day use only green tea – freshly prepared and it is not sweet. Pets put a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Tea you can drink unlimited quantities.
  2. Ration for the day, four glasses of 1%of yogurt. You can vary the menu, alternating this fermented milk drink with natural yogurt.
  3. Drink only mineral water without gas. The number of drunken per day of liquid – not more than 1.5 liters.
  4. This time you can drink mineral water ad libitum. Bonus day – one green Apple.
  5. All you can today to drink five cups of milk. We prefer the drink with a low percentage of fat (not more than 2.5%).
  6. Drink green tea with honey and lemon in unlimited quantities.
  7. Once again turning to milk him today to drink in the quantity of five glasses.
  8. The menu on the first day of the second week of weight loss on fuckin ‘ diet consists of 3 apples sour varieties (you can take, for example, меринку). Fruit we eat fresh or sprinkle with cinnamon and bake in the microwave or oven.
  9. Today we can «spoil» a liter of low-fat yogurt or natural yoghurt.
  10. The diet of this day consists of two fresh cucumbers medium in size. You can make them into a salad and tuck in a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Important – the dish is not salt.
  11. From morning till night only drink green tea by adding at the request of honey and lemon.
  12. In the course of the day we have to pour one liter of low-fat milk.
  13. Again buy two tart apples and eat them in the form in which more like it – either in fresh or baked.
  14. Drinking mineral water without gas throughout the day. The amount of fluid is unlimited.

Reviews of «fucking» less lavish

Katja, 25 years. I survived only 4 days, after which threw this stupid idea. During this period it took me only 1.5 kg, but his condition was very bad. I couldn’t focus on work – always wanted to, I’m sorry to eat. Only about food and think of it I dream of dreaming.

Sonia, 24 years. Three times sat on ofigenno diet, but could not endure it until the end is reached on 4 or 5 a day. A very complicated procedure.

Asya, 28 years. Sitting on this diet is only 8 days, then fell into a swoon at work, and I was taken to the hospital. What I was a fool, a nightmare! Because there are a lot more sparing and effective methods

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