детский кремBaby cream hopes of many in the house, even if they have no children. Is a cosmetic fatty basis it has a softening effect, which with pleasure used in adults, for example, in severe winter frosts when the skin is much dry and flaky. Carried away by the effect of child cream should not be, because its formula is specially developed with consideration of peculiarities of children’s skin, which is significantly different from the skin of the adult person.


Beauty care from the first days of life

Skin of children from the first days of life care, which is provided by the correct selection of skin care cosmetics. Cleanliness, environmental and hypoallergenic – are the main pillars on which the very notion of children’s cosmetics. One of the most important properties of child cream is its ability to effectively moisturize and nourish the skin, saturating it with vitamins and quickly restore the hydro-lipid film on its surface.

The fact that the babies yet natural fat film on the skin surface, which then will protect it from aggressive environment. After a swim and wash even with soft gel and shampoo skin dries. If no action were taken, irritation occurs, get rid of that is not always easy and fast. Therefore, the best defense is prevention through properly sized baby cream.


The functions of the baby cream

All these functions should be performed baby creams, but not necessarily to find one universal. In the market of children’s cosmetics is not observed deficit differentiated tools that are suitable for different skin types and divided according to different criteria, depending on the age and purpose.



Baby cream for skin hydration is the basis for the first cosmetic any kid. It should be applied immediately after you have redeemed child to delicate thin skin does not answered with irritation. Moisturizing creams for children operate on a similar principle with adults. First, they saturate the epidermis moisture and nutrients, vitamins, minerals and oil, and secondly, do not allow the skin to lose quickly these resources. Baby moisturizing and nourishing creams have very oily texture, which is impossible even for dry, Mature skin. The formula of such creams include lanolin, moisturizers, vitamin E and glycerine.


The struggle with irritation

Baby cream from irritation undertakes a major problem faced by all parents. Tender skin of a baby rots and gets irritated under the diaper, and if not to start to take action immediately, the situation will worsen. In order to prevent irritation to the skin of a baby, you have to protect it with a cream with sedative additives. Usually in such as manufacturers use plant extracts of chamomile, aloe Vera, calendula and other healing herbs. If irritation already appeared, it is not necessary to grease the bottleneck universal fatty baby cream, which can worsen irritation. You must buy a special healing cream, for example, with a mark against diaper rash. Apply this cream it is necessary for the night, before the baby should spend a few hours in the diaper.



To protect an open to the skin of the baby while walking in the cold time of year to buy a cream designed for winter care of baby skin. The range of such child creams wide as funds aimed at protection from the sun. The baby’s skin from the sun should be protected even more thoroughly than the skin of the adult. If your child spends a lot of time in the sun, on the beach, for it is necessary to buy a special childish powerful cream with SPF-screen TV and update it every two to three hours, in order to be protected. Apply the cream for the first time must at least 20 minutes before going outdoors.


Known brand of children’s creams

Many brands of children’s creams at the hearing. Among them the well-known “Children’s cream factory “Freedom”cream “Tick”, “Alisa”, “I”, “big-Eared nannies”.

Russian brand “My sun” produces a comprehensive range of children’s creams with moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties, good reviews is the product line for protection from the sun with an SPF of 15 to 50 units.

Winter series produces mark “Morozko”, which can be found cream “Rosy cheeks”cream “Gloves”, universal cream “Morozko” and lip balm Series for winter protection based on the action of allantoin, vitamin a and chamomile extract.

Among foreign manufacturers deserved good reputation are such brands as Bubchen, Dado Sens, Mustela, Chicco, who won the confidence thanks to the high quality and variety of assortment. Brand of professional cosmetics Uriage produces children’s cold cream that is suitable for newborns and infants.

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