Buy hat child is not as easy as it might seem. There are many nuances, that we often forget, but each of them directly affects the health of our children.

The market of children’s clothes on today is filled with all sorts of goods. You can even buy a baby bedding wholesale. We offer you a selection of helpful advice on how to choose a good hat to her child.

Councils for the selection of children’s hats

Cap must be warm. In no case do not buy a hat, in which a child can be cold. Also make sure that it was not hot. Overheating, as hypothermia a recipe for disease.
Детские шапки: выбираем с умом1
The hat should be made of quality materials that do not cause allergic reactions. In addition, the hat made of natural fabrics and filled with natural it is warmer and provides the necessary temperature regulation.

Cap cover your ears, forehead and neck. Ears – the most vulnerable place. A situation in which the baby’s ears неприкрыты, often end otitis. Open forehead and neck also become the reason of occurrence of diseases, including dangerous.

A small child is better to buy a cap on the ties. It will be good to stay on the head and not fly off at active games.

Check for lining the inside of the cap. If you buy the feather or down hat lining will protect the child from irritation. If the hat knitted fabric, lining need to make headdress warmer.
Детские шапки: выбираем с умом3
Pay particular attention to seams. Children’s headdress should be tailored correctly, not rude. Hard seams can RUB the scalp uneven stitches will add the header of an irregular shape and it does not sit right.

And still. Do not buy a hat, estimating its exclusively visually. Whatever it was beautiful, with embroidery, with fur, large pompon, fashionable ears or other decorative finishing, take the time to carefully examine the product.

Article publication date: November 19, 2013

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