детское мылоThe skin of newborns is very gentle it is soft and super-sensitive, and therefore requires special care and attention. In order for a baby suffering from diaper rash, rash and other problems of a hygienic character, a baby’s skin, especially, must be clean. And here is the main helper is baby soap.

The range of hygiene products for the little ones is incredibly broad, from the good old children’s Soaps to foams and gels. The use of gels, foams and salts for bathing at such a young age is a moot point, but bathing the child using the children’s soap, the procedure as approved by paediatricians and dermatologists.

Baby soap should not contain aggressive chemical components, in principle, a newborn can be bathed without soap, but if you use this product, try to find options with maximum content of natural ingredients such as coconut, palm or olive oils.

The presence of herbal supplements in the children’s soap is acceptable, it can be herbs such as chamomile, calendula or a series, these plants are known for their mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, the extracts and the extracts of these herbs are often included in children’s cosmetics and hygiene products.


How to choose a good baby soap

хорошее детское мылоMild formula and the absence of toxic components is the main criterion in choosing safe for baby’s skin soap.

Soap that foams too, not the best option for baby’s delicate skin. Lush soapy foam, which sports the children from television advertising, good only on TV, in real life the need for intense shampooing of a child and creating this soap doesn’t have. The fact is that in Soaps and other cosmetic products for skin care foaming special components, as a rule, not of natural origin, they not only dry out the skin, but can even cause skin irritation.

Light unobtrusive smell in the children’s soap a pleasant smell, but for the children of bath procedures is best to choose a soap without any smell. Kids know little about this world, but they are very sensitive to the tastes, forms and smells, if the scent that is so pleasant you don’t like your kid, he will report this crying and swimming is relaxing and pleasant treatments will become hysterical and hassle for mom.

мыло для детейHow to determine safe soap you bathe your baby? First of all, carefully read the soap, the list of potentially dangerous ingredients can be found in the Internet, if you care about the health of your child, do not be lazy to print out this list and refer to it when buying a new products for skin and hair of the child. If after using the soap you notice on your baby’s skin rash or other forms of skin irritation, stop bathing the child using this soap, replace it with another or some time bathe your baby without soap. If the rash last a long time, or is causing suspicion form, be sure to consult your doctor.

Ideal for baby skin soap – this soap is natural, ingredients like almond oil, olive oil, milk proteins and other natural ingredients have a softening and moisturizing effect and is completely safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Moms are probably the busiest people in the world, but they are the most caring and loving. In order to protect your child from anything that may be dangerous to his health, moms are ready for everything, including to create soap at home. If you are making soap at home, in the safety of this product you and your child can be sure at 100%.


Baby soap with camomile and lavender

To begin, prepare the necessary for soap making equipment:

  • Libra
  • Enamel container or receptacle made of stainless steel
  • Glass or plastic pitcher for mixing and draining alkali
  • Containers to weigh oils
  • 2 large plastic or wooden spoon, one for stirring lye and one for oils.
  • Spatula
  • 2 thermometer
  • Form for soap
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cardboard
  • A thick towel or blanket for wrapping the cooling soap
  • Comfortable clothes, wear pants and something with long sleeves.
  • Vinegar: it may be necessary to neutralize the alkali, if a few drops get on the skin.


Weigh on the scales the following amounts (please note, we take firm measures volume, not liquid)

  • To 84.9 coconut oil
  • 28,7 g of jojoba oil
  • 717,5 g of olive oil
  • To 106.7 g of alkali
  • 2870 ml of distilled water
  • 14 g of the essential oil of chamomile or lavender or half of the volume of each oil separately

The process of soap making:

  • Fill the sink about 10-15 cm of cold water and ice. This pool ice you need to cool the alkaline mixture.
  • Wearing rubber gloves, pour distilled water into the pitcher and slowly stir in the lye. This procedure is best done outdoors, since the a pair of alkali is quite toxic. The temperature of the mixture quickly rises to about 104 degrees Celsius. Now place the jug in cold water with ice, which we have previously poured into the sink. Our goal is to cool the solution to about 37.7 degrees.
  • Put in a container all oils except essential oils of lavender and chamomile, and warm the mixture over low heat until 37,7 degrees. Be careful, this temperature the oil will reach very quickly. Almost at the same time we must try to bring the lye and oils to the same temperature.
  • As soon as our components reach the desired temperature, slowly pour the alkaline mixture in oil. Continue to stir until the soap reaches a state where at stirring its surface appear and vanish the line. Sometimes brought to this state can take up to two hours but usually it takes about half an hour. Not worth it to stir the soap all the time, stir ten minutes, then the same rest and stir again.
  • Once the soap has reached the desired state, add the essential oils. After that, the soap can be poured into forms. Cover the cardboard form and wrap a towel or blanket to keep warm. The soap should be cool, but you need to cool down slowly. The next day, the towel can be removed, but the soap will still be soft. Soap with high content of fat hardens much longer than skim. Pull the soap from the mold and divide it into pieces only after it is completely hardened. Even now-hardened soap is not yet ready for use, while it is still too alkaline. Use the soap on purpose no earlier than six weeks after preparation.

This soap is very soft and gentle, pleasant and light scent is sure to please your child.

Baby soap, prepared or improvised, suitable for adults. As in the children’s soap devoid of aggressive alkaline compounds, its formula is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Another plus baby soap – soft and extra hydration.

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