массаж спиныBack massage can be a real pleasure, if it holds the man who has all the skills to perform this procedure. Massage your back may not only qualified, this can be learned by anyone. It is important to understand that such manipulation of the body require a high degree of caution and confidence of the wizard, so without prior training is necessary. If massage is supposed curative nature and, for medical reasons, it is better not to risk and to consult a professional masseur.

Any massage is a mechanical effect on the body tissue to warm up, improve blood circulation, relax muscles, improve circulation of lymph. Back massage can be done as a relaxing treatments, it is especially the people who during the day, spend a day on your feet or on the contrary, sitting at the computer. Sedentary lifestyle causes fatigue: after staying long in one position always want to stretch your back, relax, and then calmly lie down.

There is also a therapeutic massage of the back, the purpose of which is much more serious. Is the aim to relax or physiotherapy, in any case to massage are the contraindications that cannot be ignored, if you do not want complications.


Types of back massage

It would be surprising if as a back massage modern medicine offered only manual therapy, that is, the impact hands stroking, kneading movements. Massages back a few, and can be selected according to the testimony and his own comfort.

  • Relaxing

This type of massage can be performed even by non-professionals, as it is not difficult to learn, but with the right approach is a small risk of harm to the person. Relaxing massage will save after a hard working day or after an exhausting exercise. In addition, this massage can be a preventive tool in the fight against depression, nervous tension. Enjoy a massage using aromatic oils.

  • Lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite

These types of massage are similar to each other on purpose. Their goal is to make the tissue of smooth, firm, tone up, take the excess fluid to reduce the percentage of body fat, improve blood circulation and lymph circulation. After the course of this massage the body becomes healthier, rejuvenated, the patient feels a burst of energy and strength.

This massage is indispensable for the diseases of the spine, as is well aware of the patients sciatica or people with periodic pains in the lumbar region or in the upper section of the back. He shows up with other disorders of musculoskeletal system and after surgical interventions as part of the rehabilitation process. Therapeutic massage, which is performed by specialists, necessary for people with bad posture and patients with restricted mobility.


Manual massage of the back

Back massage is performed most often by hand, but it happens and cupping massage, which increases the degree of exposure. In the massage of the back, as in any other type of manual massage, alternate different movements with his hands. It begins with light strokes, which are becoming more intense (hands move from lumbar to the neck). Then, rubbing in a circular motion with intense rhythmic, but careful pressure.

The most intensive technique – kneading, which is concentrated in the upper and lower back. Stretch fabrics better with the area not back, and the hands, or rather, forearms, then working your way up to the blades. The final stage of back massage – vibration and slapping. Vibration can be spot with the tip of your finger or more extensive part of the palm that the patient is less painful. You can also apply slapping his palm and complete massage pleasant stroking, with which it began.


Indications and contraindications

The seriousness and danger of procedure should not be underestimated, because, first, it seems a direct impact on the spine, and secondly, massaged extensive area of the body. This means that back massage affects many organs and systems, first of all, on the work of the musculoskeletal system.

Indications for back massage:

  • General fatigue and muscle tension
  • radiculitis
  • acute and chronic headaches
  • osteochondrosis and other types of curvature of the spine
  • pain in back, neck, lumbar-sacral Department
  • neurological disorders
  • violations in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system
  • reduced or increased muscle tone
  • conditions after injuries, sprains, fractures

Contraindications to massage the back:

  • skin diseases in acute stage
  • blood diseases
  • oncological diseases
  • fever
  • serious violations of the nervous system, neurosis, excessive anxiety, epilepsy
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension and hypotension (back massage has a significant impact on the flow and pressure vessels)
  • any disease in the acute stage

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