The main requirements of a women’s bag were, and remain, practicality, originality, elegance, comfort in use. Even if the bag is designed for trips to the gym, it must still remain a spectacular accessory beautifully completes the image created жениной. But how to achieve exceptional refinement of the image using handbags? Sometimes the choice of accessories in stores so monotonous and boring.
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Individual sewing of leather handbags can solve the problem. Even the simplest model of bags, made from quality road skin looks stylish and elegant.
However, the material and method of manufacture is only half the battle. Women’s bag should perfectly be combined with clothes, selected for the particular case. Especially it concerns business bags.

Well-dressed leather, plastic and soft, but at the same time rather durable gives the product a respectable appearance. Looks great handbag made of patent leather or leather of reptiles. It is important to avoid many details and bright flashy accessories. Rivets, chains, large trinkets on the locks of shiny metal is better left to a more informal environment.

An important role in creating the image of a real business lady plays the size and shape of the bag. Too extensive models, like tiny clutch bags are not appropriate for a business meeting.
Soft pouch with no clear shapes, too, will not work. You should give preference to strict geometric proportions. Trapezoidal bag of middle size roomy enough to freely fit all the necessary business paper, and trivia. Cosmetic bag, purse, keys, phone, business card holder – in this bag everything will be in its place.

Rectangular bag resembling officer tablet, also copes with its tasks. This bag may be as long fitted with a shoulder strap and short.
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A win-win option office portfolio, you can carry it in his hand or a shoulder strap. Patch pockets under the valve and the folded side make the bag very spacious yet comfortable. This form allows you to always keep documents in perfect order separately from cosmetics and other trinkets.

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