Fashionable handbags are created by designers to every woman could reveal their uniqueness and individuality. As always, the new year will appreciate the designer news, bright colors, classic and avant-garde forms.

First of all consider what will fashionable colors for bags 2014. Black color, as before, will remain in fashion, it’s a classic and elegance, which is unchanged from year to year. The same can be said about the white color, which rarely goes out of fashion. With regard to the bright colors, then in 2014, striking shades, are not relevant. Preference is better to have a plain bags saturated colors such as deep blue, Burgundy, malachite. Very fashionable is beige color. Invoices may be different, but the most popular matte surface. However, lacquer, suede denim bags do not lose their popularity. And therefore buy female bag according to your preferences is not difficult.

Denim handbag
Сумки 2014 – стремление к классике3
Handbag denim every year are becoming increasingly popular. Like denim garments shades can be a number, from pale blue to deep blue. However, it can be even denim weave, and the texture reminiscent of jeans.
Lacquer bags

It is worth noting that the lacquer bags in 2014 in no case winter accessory. Lacquer in the cold rapidly deteriorate, so if you prefer a lacquer bags, get it on the spring-summer season.

Suede bags

Despite the fact that suede bags are very difficult to care for, a woman still preference. First, bags suede look expensive, and secondly, they are pleasant to the touch, thanks to its texture. With regard to the trendy colors suede accessories, then it is preferable to purchase classic and natural colors.
Сумки 2014 – стремление к классике1
Fashion bags 2014, is not only a stylish accessory but also a bright part of women’s wardrobe. And in combination with properly selected decorations, it is also a unique image.

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