Started cold, and it’s time to get winter clothing and hard to cuddle up to your loved one. To keep your skin fresh and beautiful during the winter, here are some important tips that will help you survive the cold months and emerge like a butterfly from its chrysalis in spring.

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Skin care

The cold is bad for your skin. Not only that, the air outside is dry, so even in the room coming from the heaters warm the air can lead to dry skin. In the winter you can feel the tightness of the skin, and it can appear dry and itchy spots. To the skin to remain soft and fresh, use a good organic moisturizer with natural ingredients. Try to avoid chemical additives, as eventually they can dry the skin even more. Moisturize skin in the morning before applying makeup and evening after cleansing. Use a moisturizing hand cream throughout the day to avoid irritation and keep the beauty of hands. Use a mild soap for skin with natural oils and without chemicals.

Lip care

A good lip balm is essential in winter to avoid peeling and cracks on the lips. When the lips become dry, it is difficult to avoid the temptation to lick them to moisturize, and a good lip balm may help relieve the feeling of dryness. In winter, the skin on the face becomes thinner, the lips also not have sebaceous glands, as on the body, so they rely on external power and you must use a lip balm to keep them moist. An additional advantage of using a lip balm is to add a glossy Shine to the lips. You can choose a lip balm to your taste from many different colors (and flavors!), to spice up your lips. But avoid oily conditioners, petroleum-based, because on the lips, this product seems unpleasant compared to the natural components such as beeswax or oil from hemp.


We already know that in winter the skin becomes drier because cold air holds less moisture and indoor heating is usually a lot of devices that dry out the skin. A good way to preserve the freshness of the skin is the use of exfoliating twice a week. A good salt scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave you rejuvenated. You can find excellent natural scrubs with ingredients such as coconut oil which will also help to moisturize the skin. Try not to wash for a long time with hot water in winter, as it will aggravate the dry skin and removes natural fat from the skin surface.

Red nail Polish

Now you know everything you need to care for skin in winter, and it’s time to add some hot winter trends to ensure a polished, polished and hydrated body. After the fashion of pastel color that we saw in the summer, winter is full of bold and bright shades of red and everyone likes it. To create the perfect nails, make sure they are all the same length. If you have one or two long nail that you are proud of, unfortunately, they have to be cut. Adjust the nails so they were smooth and round. Colors Burgundy and rose red is very popular, so paint your nails in red. Don’t forget to use a protective lacquer for upper and lower layers for long nails. Looking for vegan nail Polish, because red nail Polish is usually done using the dye Carmine, derived from beetles.

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