Many people often suffer from lack of vitamins in the body. Accordingly, the nails begin to break down and if nothing is done, then they will be in poor condition. Most often this phenomenon can be seen in autumn and spring, when the weight increases. In order to avoid breakage of the nails, yellowing, slow growth and their unhealthy appearance, it is necessary to regularly strengthen baths.
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With sea salt.Sea salt strengthens nails and prevents peeling. All you will need is a glass of warm water and 2 teaspoons of sea salt. Keep the nails should be about 15 minutes, every day or every other day until complete recovery. After this procedure necessarily lubricate the skin cream as everyday trays can spoil. If your home has cotton gloves, wear them, and the improvements will be seen faster. This is due to the fact that they will help salt solution faster and deeper into the nail sheath. Sea salt (a few pinches), you can add lemon juice. Thanks to him, the growth of the cuticle occurs less frequently, and yellowness from the nails and did away, giving nails Shine and healthy look. It is better to apply only to nail the solution with a brush, and after drying to wait another 15 minutes, then simply rinse.
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Sea salt should be stored in a dry place, and if ivy master of manicure, it’s perfect to carry all your cosmetics will fit Backpacks leather.In any weather you will absolutely guarantee the security of your tools and cosmetics.

Bath with lemon is done 1-2 times per week. For the correct use of the mask you just have to cut the lemon and insert the nails (before the skin with the cuticle). After that, keep so they have up to 15 minutes and 10, and then RUB some oil.
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Very similar to the previous bath with iodine and sea salt. Make them worth the same number of times per week for the same amount of time. The main ingredients are: a tablespoon of salt and 5 drops of iodine. If sea salt you have, you can do them without it. Iodine is applied on the nails, with the exception of the cuticle, preferably overnight. Using olive and essential oils can do the compressors and massages nail. They will strengthen cracked nails and make them stronger.

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