красивая грудьWe can argue on the topic, what is the breast to be beautiful, and what needs to be corrected through surgery or tricks with underwear. Aesthetics involves many factors, because beautiful Breasts in women with one shape would look weird if you imagine it to another figure. The attractiveness of the breast, however, almost always absolute, although individual. Therefore, every woman can fight for the beauty of their Breasts, and need to start as early as possible.


Genetic factor

We want that or not, but men always look on his breast, when they first assess the woman’s anatomy. They themselves admit, and this is stated in numerous studies, which are based on observations of scientists for sexual interest. Of course, the larger the Breasts, the more attention it attracts, but this does not mean that the size defines beauty. The most important thing in this case – form, it is not always important what kind, it is important that she was. This is another item to the fair sex on the note.

Breast form is defined genetically, and we are not alone might influence it. At the age of 20 and up to 30 years for nulliparous women, which do not pass through the period of breast-feeding, remains more or less beautiful Breasts, which then starts to deform under the influence of the law of gravity, natural age-related changes with skin thinning and loss of elasticity of the skin and tissues. The task of women – as far as possible to postpone this sad period and to persevere to save beautiful Breasts.


The size and shape

Many women and men agree on one thing: a truly beautiful Breasts not goes beyond the third dimension, beyond which the woman is hard to maintain its elasticity and appeal without the use of different tricks. The second and third look quite impressive in size without surgery, it is easy to emphasize using sexy bra, revealing the upper zone of the bust. If the breast is more generous woman is harder to preserve its shape, and later, moreover, without adequate regular care and support bra, even naturally beautiful, but very volumetric forms inevitably change.

With age and after childbirth owners of the once-enviable bust may receive severe tubular.net – disappears roundness, breast strives to take an elongated shape. If these changes are outlined, an urgent need to take action – the fight for beauty breast Brooks no delay.

Bust diminutive size, of course, are less susceptible to this kind of change, but to neglect basic care is still not worth it.


Beauty without dieting

“Murphy’s law”, known to all the women who tried to lose weight through diet and exercise. The restricted diet good for the waist and hips, but can badly affect the chest. How to preserve her beauty and lose weight? The simple answer to this question is difficult. The content of fat tissue in the breast is large enough if it decreases in the whole organism bust remained unaffected.

Some women suffer less loss of volume and shape of the breast, others less, this is due to different ratio of fat and glandular tissue in each of them. It is impossible to guarantee the preservation beautiful Breasts after a course of intensive weight loss, but you can try. For this purpose it is necessary to wear a support bra, limiting the movement of the mammary glands during the exercise. Don’t forget to exercise to strengthen the chest muscles to work out the bust will not work, but try to keep the Breasts beautiful you can try, keeping it in good shape. Then systematic weight loss will not be distressed by this, as, however, and for you.

Application firming cream (non-hormonal) for breast and anti-stretch marks, which improves skin elasticity, too, is a mandatory part of the program. The diet should not lead to a critical nutritional deficiency. Restructuring of metabolism may affect the hormonal system of organism, leading to the “fall” of the breast.


Beautiful Breasts after childbirth

Pregnancy causes hormonal surge in the body, making the breast is poured. After childbirth and breastfeeding it can come in a deplorable state. Can I save beautiful Breasts after birth? There are no guarantees, but make every possible effort is necessary.

First, do not forget to effectively support the bra, and secondly, about creams for strengthening and against stretch marks, while others do not ignore breast massage. All these three points are provided to all women. The soul can do light hydromassage bust, making jet moderate pressure circular motion. If you are not afraid of cold, do massage alternately warm and cool water, he coached vessels and tissue, which becomes more elastic.

Tonic that enhances the elasticity and the elasticity of a skin cream that is applied regularly after a shower, avoids unsightly stretch marks on the skin of the breast, which can not withstand a sharp increase. Move when breast massage and application of the cream should be downwards, as if pulling it. Ensure chest full of beauty care, which includes regular cleansing, toning, gentle exfoliation and liftingeffect with a mask or serum.

All cosmetics for bust must be purchased in specialized lines, to avoid side effects.


Elastic muscles and straight back

Correct posture is easy and regular exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles will help support breast beautiful and elastic. Bust it is impossible to make a larger physical, also be made useless for them when there is a change of shape and volume. But straight posture and strengthen chest exercises will allow to avoid many negative consequences that occur after the set, weight loss and lactation.

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