The concept of “beautiful makeup” is mainly associated with long nails. But what about those women who, for one reason or another have short nails. Some structure nail thin and does not allow to grow in length, the other field of activity does not allow you to have long, pronounced manicure.

Красивые рисунки на коротких ногтях2

But, anyway, every woman wants to be beautiful. Many people buy the goods for beauty and health in Rostov-on-don and radically change their appearance. Many prefer to make beautiful pictures on short nails, thus decorating their hands.

For decoration of short nails suitable not only French manicure, but also many other interesting pictures.

Creating a drawing it is necessary to consider that cross bands visually shorten the nail, and large items total length of the nail, look out of place.

You can buy ready-adhesive colors and patterns, and you can show your imagination and decorate nails himself.

First you need to apply the nail Polish to the main tone, better beige or a different shade of light.

From above, a thin needle is applied bright varnish and creates a picture.

The simplest pattern is wavy or zigzag line. It is held on one of the sides of the nail and may be supplemented by small curls or points.

Красивые рисунки на коротких ногтях3

Looks good on the tips of short nails little flower. Draw it very simple. For this purpose it is necessary to put a needle 5 small drops of nail Polish and make them one, having a thin line clean needle to the heart of the flower.

Short nails can be decorated with small crystals, which are bonded in a chaotic manner, or take the form of any decorative figures.

All figures above need to cover with a transparent varnish for the nails to stay beautiful.

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