Beautiful and well-groomed hands is the dream and the pride of every woman, while the nails, the indicator of the health of the whole organism. Any woman a lot of time on the care of nails and spends a considerable amount of money on means to strengthen them, and start with the identification of the causes, it is necessary to find out what are the problems with brittle nails. One of the most common reasons is disturbed metabolism and digestive problems, therefore it is necessary first of all attention to their diet.
Красивые руки благодаря здоровым ногтям2
Besides being beautiful manicure draws attention to women’s hands, and beautiful jewelry. gold rings for girls is one of the most popular gadgets for which they agree much to give, including twice as much energy to spend on the care of your manicure.

The purchase means not all women trust and beauty to walk, not all can afford, so the best option is home care products, which are not less effective, but much cheaper than those that are used in beauty salons.

Of the most useful tools that you have at hand every woman, you can select salt, lemon and iodine. Based on this list of possible without unnecessary waste of time and money to strengthen nails, you only need to make baths of iodized salt or salt with added iodine, and after it to anoint the nail plate with lemon juice. You can cut the lemon in half and right in the flesh to dip your toes and keep a couple of minutes. Such simple manipulation soon will please fashionistas excellent result.
Красивые руки благодаря здоровым ногтям
Do not forget that household chemical kills even the most healthy nails, and to save them, it is necessary to use gloves or go on soft money, the ones used by our grandmothers.

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