красивое трикотажное платьеDress from Jersey must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The material can be as tight and very warm and thin, delicate, almost weightless, in any case, such an item will benefit both style and shape. Beautiful knitted dress able to become a full basic thing that will help out in different cases, especially in the cold season. It remains only to determine the color, style and learn how to combine it with other clothing and accessories.

Beautiful knitted dresses can be different, completely not similar to each other styles. It all depends on your individual taste, shape and accident for which you are looking for a dress. A wide range of knitwear can not limit the wearing knitted dresses the winter period. You can easily find a model that can be easily adapted to the festive clothes – nothing is impossible in modern fashion.


Dress thick knitted

Sweater dress is a classic fashion, which does not age and in any season you will find a good use-in wardrobe and women of different stature. Undoubted advantage dresses-sweater is its universality, because in the outfit you can beat it, and as feminine dress, and as cozy warm sweater.

If your figure allows to attract attention to it, choose a fitting model of a moderate amount of yarn. It can be with pigtails, but they should not distort your silhouette and make it heavy. Best of all such details look it in solid form. Color can choose: to calm the image fit shades of gray, pearl, anthracite), brown (camel, light beige). For autumn and winter there is nothing better than a bright shade of mustard, young girls will certainly pay attention to trendy many seasons in a row deep blue and turquoise.

Sweater dress unlike other models of this family has long sleeves, which can also be present in different ways, changing its image. You can choose the classic with adjacent along the entire length sleeves and wear such dress in the office or buy a model with sleeves «die Fledermaus», adding to the image of hairpins and clutches, go to the disco.

Not spoil any business or festive style knitted dress with a bit selected sleeves – about the middle of the forearm. Choosing sleeves, try to avoid an authentic image of warm sweaters, if your goal is, of course, not a chat with friends in a wooden house with a mug of the hot mulled wine. Remember that the more formal style you want to create, the less expressive should be the texture of knitted dresses.


Feminine transparency

Surprisingly feminine and look gracefully knitted dresses lace or other openwork binding. Lace every year is gaining popularity in the fashion circles and with the right approach, it can be a lifesaver if not very a slim figure. The same thing with a different texture with the holes on the fabric knitted fabric dresses or in its separate areas.

Dress from Jersey lace knit can be worn both independently and to put down on a tight underwear or other lower thin dress. In the second case, such a model is an excellent basis for a stout woman can wear a beautiful feminine dress, not hoodie, nor would it be covered her, focusing on the flaws. Lace dress also preferably plain, otherwise smeared the beauty of its texture. The big benefit of such knitted dresses becomes able to wear them in cold season, and in summer in hot weather. If you pick a thin Jersey, which forms a breathable fabric, which does not hide the body, you can choose the model of bright colors and to wear in the city or to wear to the beach as his tunic.


Knitted dress with patterns

If you have decided that monotone previous variations knitted dresses for you, boring and trivial, you can not restrict itself to the selection of a moderate userdataset this part of the wardrobe. The choice of patterns is limited only by your imagination, but when it comes to knit dress, is to control and keep his desire to be brighter than the original.

In autumn and winter it is possible to choose stylish and timeless dresses with Scandinavian ornament, located on the Breasts or thighs. Dress in a transverse stripes – trendy accessories, which will help in creation of the image for various occasions, but only if you correctly selects the size strips. If you are skinny, you can approach the strip is medium in size and thin, from which it is wiser to give up, if you are a woman with forms. Korpulentny ladies can stop on a delicate strip of medium size, for example, white, black, blue, red, and green. The cut of the dress should not be adjacent not tight, but not overly spacious. Knitted dresses in a transverse stripes must be not a very long one, and preferably more smooth and not from bulky yarn or chunky.

Young girls can choose a beautiful dress of fine knitwear with round or V-neck, which resembles a practical and easy to combine longclaw. Dress of thin and warm, but smooth Jersey with a funny picture, for example, on the chest or at the edge of a great option for early autumn. Its easy to carry court shoes, boots. Model with short sleeves is perfectly combined with leather jackets with which she creates beautifully feminine, rock-chic. Thin knitted dress with long sleeves can be decorated with a thin strap and carry bag-instant messenger and Tam or classic youth surround cap, complementing the way shoes or boots in military-style or even elegant botfortas flat shoes.

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