красивое нижнее бельеDespite the fact that the clothes hide it, beautiful lingerie has always had its value. And it is impossible not to recognize the fact that it affects the strong half of mankind.


Fashion trends

Bras, thongs, seamless bras, bras with plunging neckline, frilly panties, lace Thong bodysuit with embroidery, garter belt, lace, even crinoline… Presented in various colors, unchanged from black to beige in skin tone, with patterns and bright colors, these excellent products with ribbons, lace and embellishments will certainly accentuate your charm.

This season, the trend in lingerie is divided into two. On the one hand we are talking about beautiful and sexy underwear, on the other, alluring appeal with a minimalist elegance. No vulgarity. Underwear is worthy of attention, accurate and detailed designs, high-tech technology and especially beautiful Materia: silk, tulle, stretch satin.

This season many brands, such as Stella McCartney, or Monki Dolce & Gabbana, indulge in the production of panties with high waist in charming retro style.

Body underwear in retro style and one of the best parts of this season. The upper part of the body in the form of t-shirts presented in different styles and colors, but all of them are made of sheer fabric, which gives it a sexuality. Besides, body is extremely convenient.

Looks very nice line of lingerie in black and white stripes.

Fashion floral and colorful patterns, embroidery on tulle colors. Take on transparency, but do not open all…

Color pink powder everywhere. We are talking about the bodily alternative to the more classic color. Do you know why he is indispensable in the field of lingerie? Because the invisible and you can wear it under clothes white. But the emerald green warm up and liven up your winter look.



The release of the second film “50 shades of grey” revive the passion in many women to the garter belt. Choose a model that perfectly accentuate your silhouette.

A good bra is more than just a necessity, especially during sports. Women pay special attention to the lower sports underwear, which is becoming more and more technical.

Brands of underwear were done with excessive unnecessary details. Underwear should be easy to wear, graphic, modest, but sexy. Minimalism in fashion again. Ribbon, lace and garters to complement a new line of underwear. The body is not limited in movements, on the contrary, it is underlined and fit, whether it be the torso or buttocks.

Nipple covers again occupy a leading position. They are available in different forms and variations: in the form of hearts or shining stars… These small stickers can be attached directly to the skin, and can also be in the form of embroidery on bodysuit or sets of lingerie. Lining allow you to wear clothes without underwear, hiding the indelicate part of the chest.


Fabrics, colors, patterns

Underwear made of soft fabrics, the lace give way to the airy tulle sexy mesh traceway Atlas, but it is found in night clothes.

Short night dresses you can wear under the dress. Kimono is suitable for both night and day, as home wear.

Home clothes can be made of such precious fabrics like lace and silk for nightgowns and pajamas, cashmere for an elegant and flowing trousers, or long jackets. Petticoats are worn as coats or trench from flowing and giving the tissue structure.

In addition to the color pink icing in fashion pastel colors such as ivory, sky blue combined with grey and khaki.

As for the patterns, it can be delicate flowers or geometric prints.

If we talk about men’s underwear, especially popular shapewear that flatters the silhouette and pulls and lifts the buttocks.

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