красивый макияж для серых глазThe beauty of grey eyes can not be underestimated. Perhaps they are not as bright as blue, not as expressive as brown, and not as charming as green. However, they can be as expressive and inviting, and to give way to accent different parts of the image, and such variability is expensive, especially for modern girls, eager for continuous experiments with your way. Beautiful makeup for grey eyes created using different techniques and colors. To create this makeup every day or on the way out, you’ll need to determine your color type, choose your range, and to select the optimal technique.


Color palette for grey eyes makeup

If you are the owner of the grey eyes, you’re in luck because you have a lot of possibilities to Express their individuality. Gray eyes that generally correspond to the cold color type appearance, summer or winter, and mild autumn, so makeup and gamma can be either warm or cold, both neutral and contrasting.

Gray, beige, taupe, green, brown, khaki shade or subdued olive are neutral, therefore, can easily be used for shadows, if you are going to do casual makeup.

To highlight the eyes, visually adding them or greenish blue pigment, and choose a basis shadow or eyeliner on the lower eyelid more vibrant shades of green or blue.

If you’re attracted to contrasting decisions, and you want to focus on gray eyes and at the same time to show individuality or need make-up in colours of your outfit, you can contact pink blue. It is necessary to be careful. On one side, pink and grey are the perfect allies and complement each other, with the other, if you put active pink close to the lashes on the lower eyelid, you can get sick, and not a fashionable girl.

The same applies to purple – abandon purple makeup grey eyes, if you expressed bruises and bags under the eyes or complexion unhealthy and yellowish, the situation will only get worse. Do not use purple with red eyes and extreme fatigue, which always affects the eyeballs and the skin around the eyes, and this shade will accentuate the flaws.


The discreet charm of femininity

Makeup grey eyes in brown and beige tones can be casual or more active, depending on the technique. This makeup is perfect for girls with grey eyes and a warm shade of blond. It is based on a light brown matte shadow on the upper eyelid and neat eyeliner.

Take a light brown shade, you can take a creamy texture, but it is better without nacreous luster. Apply them on the lid and blend thoroughly around century, entering the stationary region. If your skin is oily, prefer compact solid texture. After the shadow dries, apply the arrow black or grey pencil. Move very close to the lash line, avoiding gaps. If the line is too rough, blend its horizontal movements, remove extra strokes with a cotton swab. At the end apply a lengthening mascara on the lashes.

To make this type of makeup evening note, you can add in the corner of my eye a little light shining shadows or is simple arrows draw length of the arrow, continuing the eyeliner beyond the contour of the eye.


The evening haze

Smokey eye makeup in the classic version is created using shadows, Grays, and this means that for grey eyes this version of the output style of the most preferred as it related to him.

Makeup smoky eyes make expressive gray eyes. So he went confidently and kept long, choose a shade of silky texture with a light natural glow.

Apply the eyelid primer, which will ensure even coverage and solid fixation of the color. Wait until fully absorbed. Apply to the upper eyelid shade neutral shade of light brown, not reaching the line of the eyebrows. Then take the grey shade of medium depth colours and applicator, apply them on the lid without going to the inner corner of the eye, focusing on the outside. A good blend with your finger. Then take the dark grey shadow and apply along the lash line, shading, and also can put them in the crease of the upper eyelid. The inner corner of the eye mark white, pearl gray or light beige color. Eyelashes cover lengthening mascara.


A study in pink

Pink shade for grey eyes good that are suitable for both blondes and brown-haired women and brunettes, and makeup with them you can do every day and for special occasion.

You will need a shade of white and pink colors in addition you can take a coral or peach, which are mixed with pink and makeup will cease to be straightforward glamour.

Apply on the inner corner of the eye and under the br arc white shadows, blend, then put on the upper and lower eyelids pink color, focusing on the outer corner of the eye. Blend color, you can mix it with a muted peach or medium brown to give the makeup of depth and warmth. Black pencil slide the arrow along the line of growth of the upper eyelashes. The line should be very natural, almost invisible, if you do a daily makeup, and it can be wide in retro style, if your evening makeup. Eyelashes coat lengthening mascara, pre-twisting of their special tweezers.

Makeup grey eyes in pink requires a neutral lipstick the same scale.

If you want a more expressive version of makeup for grey eyes with pink tones in the base, as a finishing touch, apply on the outer corner of the eyelid and along the lash line shade of gray that will blend perfectly with the pink on the skin. In this case, the broad arrow can’t draw.

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