Completely in vain nails seen as an indicator of health, because they are the first ones to react to the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body, which in turn leads to disruption of the work of individual organs and the whole organism. For health and beauty nail need a full complex of necessary body vitamins, even those that do not have a direct impact on the nail.
Красивый маникюр начинается с еды!
In the quest for beautiful manicures, necessary to begin with a review of his diet! Perhaps changing eating habits, there will be no need constant use of the means for strengthening nails. Meat, nuts, fish, legumes, dairy products, not less than 500 grams. fruits and vegetables throughout the day, vegetable oil saturate the body with necessary elements and vitamins. Increase the effect by using a special vitamin complexes (not worth much to count on them, because without proper nutrition, all vitamins still not assimilated, or Vice versa can lead to oversupply, which is not very good), or biologically active additives (can be in the form of tablets or balms, and to provide General health-improving effect on the entire body – for example, the balsam Schuster).

For reference…

… vitamins love morning, better assimilated all the vitamins in the first half of the day, this fact has been proven by scientists;
… don’t like nicotine, because it destroys vitamins and does not allow them to be absorbed (daily norm of vitamin C 100 mg, kills one cigarette).
Красивый маникюр начинается с еды!2
Vitamins are essential for normal functioning of all processes – one for rapid growth, others for a healthy color, others for integrity. Because the power of the nail is through the blood, the outer beauty care products are not effective. Of course, little effect they have, but give no long-term effect, so until you change eating habits to achieve healthy nails will be almost impossible.

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