What woman has not dreamed that her nails looked beautiful and natural. However, modern life causes them a lot of harm. The nails become very brittle, slow growing, they appear spots and stripes. Not every woman can afford to take care of the nails in the salon. Such procedures are quite expensive and takes a lot of time. So ladies try to keep them at home. Moreover, this procedure is not very complicated. It is enough to know only a few basic tips, and your hands will always be on top.
Красивые ногти в домашних условиях1
Many ladies are often faced with the fact that their nails are peeling and chipping. This usually happens due to the fact that the body lacks vitamins. To be precise, it is the deficiency of calcium and vitamin A. Try to eat more dairy products and twice a week to arrange a fishing day. If you want to have the correct nails at home, take a bath with oil. Use for this purpose olive or vegetable oil, warm it and lower it to your hands for 15 minutes. You can buy at the pharmacy therapeutic varnish or oil. After this procedure, you need hands well greased with fat cream, and put on gloves.

Don’t forget a good mood, which is easy to adjust making nice gifts herself. This can be shopping for clothes and linen, a trip to the beauty salon or purchase novogo aroma. By the way Arabic perfume is a great new solution that will not leave indifferent neither the media nor the others around.

Burrs is another annoying problem with the nails. They can appear due to improper care, and because the habit of nail biting. They need to carefully cut and apply cream twice a day.

Yellow doesn’t make your nails attractive. The reason it may be that under the varnish is not applied basis. Here come to the aid of lemon juice or brightening scrub.
Красивые ногти в домашних условиях
Do not forget about the importance of manicure. Do it at least once in two weeks. Completely abstain from metal nail files. Lubricate the cuticle special tool that will just soften it, and after carefully her move. No need to skimp in the choice of lacquer. Buy one quality varnish that will not ruin your nails and hold on to them long enough.

After these procedures you will be proud of your hands.

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