Well-groomed hands and perfect manicure is a dream of every girl. To achieve the desired results, one needs constant care for the skin of hands and the health of your nails.

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The reasons for the fragility of nails

Consider the main reasons for problems with nails.

Lack of vitamins a very serious impact on the health of nails. Ensure correct and proper nutrition, then this problem breakage will gradually disappear.
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The second important reason is called a constant interaction of the hands and nails with various chemicals household chemistry. Experts recommend to use special gloves for work around the house.

It should be noted that low-quality varnishes very negative influence on health of nails. They give the nail discoloration, causing brittleness and lamination. It is better to buy quality lipsticks and monitor their life-cycle.

Strengthening nails at home

To nails were a subject of pride, you need to use advice on strengthening the nail plate.

Compresses on the basis of vegetable oil, glycerine and lemon juice perfectly cope with the problem exfoliating and brittle nails.

Bath with vegetable oil and various essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, cedar and pine) are an excellent choice for those who love to take care of their nails.
Красивые ногти – мечта любой женщины!3
The salon will permanently solve the problem with brittle nails. Specialists will provide necessary support and after a few salon procedures beautiful nails will not go unnoticed.

Constant care for your hands and nails, giving them worthy of attention are sure to make a woman attractive for many years.

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