At all times, women were paid much attention to the condition of nails on the hands and feet. Their beautiful and well-groomed appearance brought not only aesthetic pleasure to others, but also testified to the good health of the owner. So it was in ancient times, this is the case today.
Nail care is to conduct the following manipulations:

  • correction of defects of the nail plates;
  • improving blood flow to the fingers, feet and hands;
  • manicure and pedicure;
  • varnishing.

The regular holding of the above procedures is one of the secrets they depend on for beauty and health of the woman. Let’s consider each of these in more detail.
Красивые ногти - показатель хорошего здоровья2
Correction of defects of the nail plates is constant care of them, avoiding strain and fragility. This is facilitated by:

  • proper nutrition and vitamins;
  • use gloves when working with an aggressive environment;
  • strengthening nails with the help of special solutions;
  • alignment grooves on the nail with the special file.

Good blood flow to the fingers and toes strengthens nails and ensure their healthy appearance. A quick and positive result is achieved with the help of massage, herbal baths and moisturizers. Many women use a pumice stone to relieve dry skin on the feet, heels and toes. Doctors recommend instead of pumice to use scrubs and files for the feet, because they are less injure the skin.
Manicure and pedicure are the cleansing of the nail from the old paint and dirt, retreat and circumcision softened cream cuticles. The nails are given the correct form and a neat appearance. After the procedure the skin of the hands and feet smeared with a nourishing cream.
Красивые ногти - показатель хорошего здоровья3
Nail plate can be covered medicinal or decorative lacquer which will be a spectacular point in final women’s image.

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