красивые туникиWith the onset of warm season the girls fill cabinets light dresses, skirts and tunics, allowing to survive the heat and play with style. But beautiful tunic not necessarily summer – they can be transformed beyond recognition, merging with warm sweaters and knitted dresses. To have several stylish Tunick on different cases – fashion necessity. Tunic never hurts, and if her style is committed to universal, you will have no problems with the selection of the best combinations.


Ethnic tunic

What associations do most of us causes the word “tunic”? Of course, we present a long shirt spacious cut, bright colors, printed or plain, but decorated on the edge of the throat cut rich embroidery, gold or colored, in ethnic style. Tunic modern East is a thing to which we are accustomed, and you already know how to find her figure, easily combining it with the shoes and the bottom.

Eastern tunic made of semi-transparent tulle or chiffon perfect for a hot summer. Try to refrain from excessive exposure, and if the tunic is very transparent and does not hide the body, put down the top flesh-colored or black, depending on the color and pattern of the tunic.

The most beautiful tunic in the Eastern style is not imply belt that is evident in national costumes Turkey, India and Arab countries. Tunic without belt in the Eastern style straight cut or slightly extended trapezoidal, ideal for masking completeness waist when selecting drawing spoofer. Undoubted advantage Tunick in Oriental style is a tendency for producers to decorate the area of the throat, which allows to refuse to carry accessories in the neck.

The tunic in the Japanese and Chinese style made in compliance with the laws of minimalism in design, but fabrics such blouses modesty is usually not observed. Japanese and Chinese tunic attract the eye and color, and print, so you can make them independent of the evening image.

What to wear Eastern tunic: press straight cut with adjoining silhouette with short shorts or jeans. More expressive design tunic, the more concise he must be in the lower body. The best options are always neutral colors – black or white for neighbourhood with bright tunic, if it is in a calm warm hues, note the similar beige, olive, milk. If you want your beautiful tunic not hesitated, pay attention to the model of jatuh tissues or chiffon, which does not require Ironing.



The Eastern style is good for the beach and other cases when there is no constraint circumstances. The city is not always appropriate to wear bright authentic tunic, especially if the summer is still far away. Modern tunic varied in design so that it can easily penetrate and in everyday life, and in business clothing.

One of the most simple, versatile and beautiful Tunick – white, without a hint of a different color. White tunic shirt, slightly divergent line from the waist, will be a good replacement hard office blouse. Wear it even with pencil skirt, black pants and shoes-boats on the high heels. If you replace the bottom and to the same tunic-shirt to wear a mini skirt or shorts denim or jeans, change shoes Roman sandals or convenient Lipany, get the perfect dress casual. That little “calm” the image, making it more intelligent, top, you can wear long blazer black or dark blue, instead of Lipanov wearing oxfords.

In addition to white tunic nice to have in the wardrobe reserve colored version of silk, for example, with a little frill or bow-tie. This part fits perfectly in the business kit, if it is not long. After work, you can wear a toga party, changing boats on sandals, heels, complementing the way the clutch. From top to exit this tunic throw a thin coat summer smooth cut without buttons.



Beautiful tunic-dresses do not cease to impress with its diversity. In the form of dress is presented by an elongated tunic that can be worn without a bottom, that is, without skirts and trousers. There are no restrictions on design or color scheme does not exist, you are free to choose what suits your body and individual style.

The owners full breast is better to look dresses, tunics with delicately ajar V-neck chest area and a fitted silhouette. Straight styling will make the top is even bigger. Tunic with lace bodice helps nicely to cover decollete, avoiding suffocating “zamahnutsja” blouses.

With a wide waist and a bit chubby belly hide their elongated tunic with the smell with geometric patterns. With a massive hips tunic should not be long, just above the knee. Even if tunic dress well enough covers the hips and buttocks, do not leave legs open, you need to wear tights. Dress can also be worn with straight length trousers below the ankles. Don’t forget about the shoes on a stable but not very high heels.

If your figure is not in need of correction clothes you can wear wonderful knitted dresses, tunics as informally and at work. They perfectly match with black opaque tights, they can be worn alone or, in short sleeves, as the top dress, a turtleneck or suitsat.


For girls

Beautiful tunic for girls is also the tunic-dresses, which should have as little as possible of decorative details. For children aged three to five years to fit shirt tunic trapezoidal cut with cartoon print.

The older girl, the more tunic may receive damn, reflecting femininity. For example, sewn shoelaces that intercept the waist or area under the chest. To prolong the life of a child’s tunic, you should choose the model with the addition of high-quality synthetics, from jatuh fabrics that are not as demanding care.

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