An important component of female beauty and attractiveness are the hands. Despite the apparent complexity of the procedures for the care of nails, beautiful manicure is not difficult.
Красивые ухоженные ногти – это легко2
What catches the eye is the shape and length of the nail. The form of the nail can be anything, there are no restrictions. The edge of the nail plate gently rasp, making it very smooth. The slightest serif can cause such trouble as the “arrow” on the tights, and a question about where can I buy stockings, will be the most relevant for the evening. Stylists this season, particularly energetically promoted the natural beauty, so the length of nails should be small, so as not to attract undue attention. Moreover, any design will look very harmonious, even the brightest.

It is known that the manicure is edged and unedged. For home care is perfect second option, because it is much easier to perform. We need to soften the cuticle with the help of special oil or cream and then gently move them orange stick. Cutoff manicure masters recommend to do with professionals, in order to avoid damage.

A common problem – delamination of the nail plate. This is caused by excessive dryness and lack of vitamins. To get rid of this trouble will help baths of warm vegetable oil. Although only a cosmetic treatment will be difficult to manage, correct, balanced diet will do for health and beauty nails much more.
Красивые ухоженные ногти – это легко3
By itself, no matter how careful not been nails, individual care is required for the woman’s hand. The skin should be gentle and very soft to the touch was almost imperceptible. It needs constantly to moisten skin creams and lotions, given its type. Cannot be left hands open in windy and cold weather, even 5 minutes without protection will give its negative consequences.

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