Well-groomed hands are the calling card of any woman. And perfect manicure requires proper hand care. Currently openly many salons manicure and pedicure that offer quality services for care of hands and feet. Manicure is not only the saline baths and the application of nail Polish. In the field of manicure there are a lot of new services, to strengthen nails, marble manicure, printer printing on nails.
Красота начинается с ухоженных рук и ног1
Pursuing a manicure yourself, women dream about groomed hands and nails, but not always it turns out, to achieve the desired result, with the acquisition of cheap funds for the care for hands. Cosmetics for skin care, hair care products, Perfumes cheap does not always produce effective results.
Airbrush – expensive service, but it is popular among large number of women. Now in high demand special structure to cover the nail – varnish Biogel. It is a hybrid of lacquer and gel, which is perfect is applied on the nails, long lasting, has no smell and has a wide palette of shades. Bio – gel fortifies loose, stratified nails, making them flexible, elastic, but not only hands require care.
Every woman dreams of a soft, smooth skin of the feet. A variety of treatments for the skin care foot in the salons, manicure and pedicure may surprise many. Now a huge number of SPA – media, peeling, nail design. Among the many services pedicure, I want to stay in a new form of peeling Fish-SPA – peeling fish – a procedure in which dropped his feet to the aquarium and the fish of garrafa eat dead skin cells.
Красота начинается с ухоженных рук и ног
The procedure is completely painless and brings a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. The result of this procedure is velvety, soft delicate skin of your feet. Currently, there are many tools and features to support the nails of his hands and feet in excellent condition. The main thing is not to be lazy, because a beautiful well-groomed hands, feet, nails is always beautiful.

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