Permanent makeup is rapidly gaining popularity: the desire to “make up” for the next few years every member of the fairer sex. At the same time beauticians warn about the risk of this procedure. To get rid of the badly done tattoo is very difficult, so it is important to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

Tattooing is known to mankind for several centuries, and the history of permanent makeup has its origins in the late twentieth century. American beautician Robert O’reilly in 1880, invented the electrical machine for tattooing, allowing the opportunity to apply to the skin all sorts of pictures. And eventually began the process of “fit” of this technology is under permanent makeup.

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Now there are special ultra-thin needle, safe for the body paint and cars that allows you to create drawings quickly and almost painlessly. Of undoubted advantages: does not need to be afraid of water, the whole day woman “at the parade”, there is no need to regularly spend money on cosmetics. Before bedtime no need a long time to wash off the makeup, you can kiss, not nourishing a close person lipstick. Even waking up you look great! And, most importantly, absolutely natural.

For permanent makeup show and figures: currently, in the world there are about twenty thousand of experts on the application of cosmetic tattoo, each month their services are used by tens of thousands of girls and women.

Reason to doubt

However, there is a flip side to the coin. The negative reviews about the permanent makeup appear with surprising regularity. In the centers of plastic surgery are special offices that specialize in dealing with the effects of poorly done operations. Major challenges: infection of the tissues, individual intolerance to the paint and anesthesia, scars. Often failure is not due to medical errors or poor equipment. Patients part so badly want to turn into beauties, that you ignore the obvious contraindications do not adhere to the recommendations of the experts and ignore the warnings.

Permanent makeup is categorically contraindicated if:

1. Your skin has a feature consisting in a poor resorption of scars, bruises.
2. You are allergic to anything.
3. Your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation.

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