An important place in woman is beauty of her hands, that is, including, and from the state of her nails. Unkempt fingers quickly ruin the impression of the trendy hairstyles and expensive clothes. So no need to consider care of the nails trifle, not worth attention. First you need to take care of their health – eat well, take multivitamin complexes in winter-spring period, to protect from the effects of corrosive substances (detergents, and the like). In addition to healthy, you must take care of arranging it in a proper frame to keep clean, properly trimmed. The finishing touch will be a thin decorative layer of lacquer. But need to use only good products from proven manufacturers.
Последовательность нанесения маникюра
The progress of the beauty industry is not standing still, and now, in addition to the usual nail Polish offered other means of decoration. One such tool, quickly gaining popularity, is a gel Polish which is a specially designed substance having the property and varnish and gel. Apply gel Polish Kiev can be in many salons engaged in the provision of such services, or by yourself, at home, if you have all the necessary components and special UV nail dryer. This method allows to obtain bright manicured nails for a long time, as the gel Polish does not require re-application at least two weeks.
Ванночка для ногтей 3
Another common method of decorating fingernails – “extension” using a variety of materials, but more widespread use of the gel or acrylic. This process is quite complicated and long, and is made only in specialized stores. Artificial nails mean respect as it is fairly fragile. Spent time and money will pay off in a good mood from its uniqueness.

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