пчелиный чистотелFor most women the problem of acne on the skin of the face is not only a medical, cosmetic, but also psychological. The skin condition is determined largely by the state of health in General, therefore, the solution to this problem should be approached comprehensively. Researchers together with physicians developed a special cream that helps with acne treatment. Bee celandine and its useful properties have been confirmed on the basis of long-term clinical trials.


Components of healing cream

Composition-bee celandine is mnogokomponentnye that provides a good curative effect when applying it. It contains the following types of oils:

  • tea tree
  • celandine
  • sandalwood
  • Tamanu
  • Kukui
  • Manuka

If, for most people, the first three components are known, then the names of the last three plants can be safely attributed to rare species. By combining these varieties of medicinal plants, the scientists were able to get the cream with unique properties.

Retrieved from wood Manuka oil, has the ability to suppress growth of the fungal flora, as well as bacteria that cause inflammatory skin changes. Tamanu oil also has anti-inflammatory effect, improves skin regeneration processes, especially due to traumatic damage. In the course of using the oils, the skin is enriched with the necessary lipids and nutrients that gives the skin a healthy look.

The therapeutic qualities oil celandine is on the same position in comparison with other oils, which are part of the cream.

Anti-inflammatory properties of the herb help quickly resolve inflammation, often accompanying acne.

Known for unique antibacterial, antifungal properties of the oil, celandine. Oil is used in many cosmetic preparations, which are used for treatment of skin diseases. In the process of using bees celandine skin healthy, looks beautiful.


How to apply cream

Cream-gel bee celandine cannot be attributed to drugs. If a woman decided to use this cream while she has serious problems with the skin in the form of severe acne, then you should consult a dermatologist. Note that can be observed individual intolerance of components forming part of the cream. In this case contraindicated apply the cream to the skin even in small quantities. The severity of allergic reactions can lead to negative consequences that affect General health.

Cream-gel should not be on the vast surface of the skin, as it is designed to treat only the affected area of skin. The maximum effect can already be seen in a day, when significantly reduces the severity of inflammation in the area of the rash on the face, are soreness and discomfort. For achievement of positive result, there is no need to apply the cream-gel in large numbers. Uniform amount of the cream makes the skin to absorb cream, so thirty minutes on the skin begin to go pathological manifestations.

To check the availability of intolerance bee celandine can be fairly simple way. The cream should be applied to the internal surface of the elbow bend. It is recommended to conduct such a test one day before it is supposed to put the cream on your skin. If a person knows that he has the propensity to allergic reactions it is necessary to check the availability of the reaction to the cream-gel mandatory.


Practical recommendations when using a cream-gel

To preserve the useful properties of bee celandine is important to follow the rules of storage of this the medicinal product. The optimum temperature is keeping on top or side shelf of the refrigerator. Excessively high or low temperatures (store in refrigerator) have on oil destructive action. Released cream without a prescription, are on sale in pharmacies.

The presence of acne is often a clinical manifestation of pathological conditions of internal organs. Must undergo a preliminary examination, to exclude the presence of chronic diseases. One of the serious problems is the pathology of the digestive tract, biliary tract. Diseases of this localization can have the first manifestations of pathological lesions on the skin.

If to treat the rash of one bee celandine, the effectiveness of this method will be minimal.

Must be eliminated those reasons which are fundamental, in this case a pathology of the digestive tract (for example, the problem colitis).

In one tube of cream-gel contains small amount of money, but this does not mean that the tube should last for a short period of time. For a full treatment of acne enough to buy one tube. About the need for prolonged application of bee celandine should be solved only with the specialist. To assess changes in the skin, the nature of the rash, the dynamics of changes of acne must physician. During the course of treatment should be under constant supervision of a physician.

Thanks to its unique selection of oils, there are confirmed by clinical data on the effectiveness of application of the cream-gel for the treatment of some skin diseases. Skin rashes in the pigmentation of the skin (the presence of pigment spots), eczema, psoriasis gradually succumb to the opposite development if in the complex treatment include local use of bee celandine. The treatment process will take longer, as the nature of the disease requires an individual and comprehensive approach to treatment and could not be limited to short-term curative course.

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