лучшие основы для сухой кожиIf your skin is dry, it may be difficult to find exactly the Foundation that hydrates the skin, provides even coverage and lasts all day, not showering. Mature skin suffers the most, but, fortunately, the best foundations for dry skin are doing now with new technologies.

Many tools are now also target other skin problems, such as damage from the sun, wrinkles and stretch marks, hiding, smooth and flawless, natural look.

When you search for a Foundation for dry skin, the trick is to find the ingredients that will soothe and nourish your skin, providing natural coverage. This will ensure that your Foundation not only stays on all day, but will also work in terms of healing of skin problems. It’s a double win. Regardless of your skin tone or budget, find the perfect for under make-up with a few tips.


Tinted moisturizer from bareMinerals

Best, perhaps, is the tinted moisturizer from bareMinerals. By combining the advantages of skin care & radiant long lasting coating, it provides an increase in skin hydration by 215% in just one week and can make the skin young and fresh. Higher scores for the incorporation of sun protection and a good selection of shades for darker skin.

основы для сухой кожи bareMinerals


лучшие основы под макияж для сухой кожи Dior



Star frame for skin by Dior

One of the favorites is the star Foundation by Dior, which is easy to apply, smoothing and refining the skin surface. Equipped with a high tech pigments and light-diffusing elixir, this is a good choice for people with dry skin. After a few minutes after applying this lightweight liquid seems to disappear in the air, but retains the excellent, free from the shortcomings of the coating.

Specially designed for dry and damaged skin, this amazing framework regulates the production of melanin to enhance radiance and counteract dark spots, while a useful dose of licorice extract helps to accelerate the microcirculation of the skin and combat redness. The effects are immediately noticeable, but after four weeks of use you should see to 50%, long-term improvement of the skin its radiance and elasticity.


Base for makeup from Topshop

Topshop is probably not the first place, where would you go to look for super-moisturizing Foundation, but this recently-released basis may just surprise you. The product contains tiny silicone particles with a particularly silky, viscose texture, which is applied on dry skin, compacting it. Elegant dispenser delivers the right amount of product.

основы под макияж для сухой кожи Topshop


базы под макияж для сухой кожиLaura Mercier

Laura Mercier


First-class hydrating Foundation from Laura Mercier

Beautiful Laura Mercier is the Queen of cosmetics, it is extremely skin friendly and excellent moisturising base is no exception. The tool provides natural, healthy coverage, the product is light and gentle enough not to accumulate in the wrinkles, and to work with a natural layer of moisture in the skin epidermis and prevent water loss. Just make sure you shake it before use to mix the oil components and water-based.


The basis from Kiko

The giant Italian company Kiko is the answer to every beauty problem within the huge number of products, and although this framework is built for the long exposure, it also works great for dry skin. Because it consists of nourishing ingredients such as extracts of sea lavender and a blend of oils, so it is comfortable and has a deathly pale color. Higher scores for the incorporation of sun protection 15 and odor-free and paraben – sensitive skin face also will benefit.

лучшие базы для сухой кожи Kiko


лучшие базы под макияж для сухой кожи Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder


Nutritional ultrasottile cream makeup from Estee Lauder

Despite such a long name, this jar at the right price is not only the most luxurious but also the most useful. The cream looks like whipped caramel mousse that creates super-soft moisturizing coating that lasts at least until the end of the day. Nutritional ultrasottile creamlifting makeup has a strong effect (patented huge amount of vitamins and antioxidants) to really improve dry and rough skin texture. And micro pearls will make your face to Shine.


Luminous fluid Foundation Burberry

Light as tulle, silk base with tiny light-diffusing pigments, powerful moisturizing wild rose extract and anti-aging skin care, all in one. If you are confident enough in your skin, it will create the perfect Foundation for a natural glow. If you are worried about uneven skin tone, pigmentation and the like, mix a drop of this tool with your regular basis and wait for the compliments.

жидкие основы для сухой кожи Burberry


лучшие жидкие основы для сухой кожи Autograph



Original glow coloring is the basis from Autograph

This is a good buy and it comes in a thin tube that easily fits in a purse. Packaging and price the following two parameters, which should try this tool, in addition to its other advantages. Glowing tint base contains a flexible, reflective polymers that not only provide external signs of hydrated radiant skin, but are actually moving, as well as your face, so they will not peel off or clog your pores. Also color pigments are spherical in shape, so they reflect more light, giving you an even more healthy skin.

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