Everyone knows that without a handbag can’t get no girl. As do only one bag. All women, women of fashion there are always several different models of actual or Vice versa, emerged from the seasonal fashion «girlfriends». Well, 2014 is quite close, and that means it’s time to look towards new веяньям fashion handbags. So, what models are expected to be at the peak of popularity in the future season. Applying for an answer to this article, you will not lose.
Лучшие «подружки» девушек
First of all, it is worth noting visconti bags produced, actually, the same company. They are distinguished by their practicality, durability , as well as the fact that they are made much of leather. And, perhaps most importantly, what we notice in the first place – an affordable price models. Let at first glance company “Visconti” and does not extradite its models to nothing extraordinary, but as a result you get a handbag, perfectly supplementing absolutely any image. For those who like to look luxurious, expensive, and pay large sums for the brand, the best option is the handbags from Valentino, Prada or Hermes.
And now let’s talk about what all the same model and styles of handbags relevant in the new season.

Clearly the trends of the season can be put forward fur handbags . Without them, there will be no essential supplies. Moreover, choose a handbag simply because they need not stop its attention on any of the fur is done, after all popular models from both artificial and natural furs. Do not lose our leadership positions and clutches. Moreover, designers delight us with new fittings and completely non-standard designs, so to speak, mini-handbags. Behind them, not behind, follow handbags oval and round forms, as well as options a La envelope or woman’s lips. Such options “girlfriends” all the girls are ideal for lovers only non-standard and extravagant. Handbag on a metal chain also will be in great demand in the new season. Moreover, the length of the strap can be any. As for decor, choose what you like, because it is difficult to identify certain trends.
Лучшие «подружки» девушек1
Get new super trendy handbags – indulge yourself, your friends and friends of friends! Be the center of attention, good luck!

Article publication date: November 22, 2013

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